Welcome to the Jungle

I am excited to be writing from sunny (and warm) California. I arrived today at noon, took the shuttle to the rental car facility and got my compact car and GPS. It is so nice to have such a calm female voice guiding me along the overpopulated coastal highways and inner city streets. Makes me wonder if this helps cut down on road rage in unfamiliar territories. It must. I had a few hours to burn so I decided to go to Venice in search of Vert, an organic skin and makeup boutique that I have admired through the internet and on the pages of magazines for so long. Sadly, it appears that Vert is moving to a new location though, in all honesty, it seemed to me as if they were liquidating. Boo. But I had a great meander through Venice...what a great bohemian surfer vibe they have there.

Anyhoo, I left Venice around 3:30, got myself good and lost looking for the unfamiliar, generic rental car that I had parked on Navarre Court and made my way to the hotel. Being in LA, I feel the need to name drop that even my hotel has been in a movie.

Speaking of name drop, I'll get to the reason that I am in the City of Angels, or more accurately the city of Burbank, which is to participate in a workshop with Julie Hewett. I, along with the other women here for the training, were treated to drinks and dinner with Julie, where she shared her stories working on set with Miley Cyrus (who I just realized was born the year I was a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL), Diane Lane and Susan Sarandon (who I just realized filmed Thelma and Louise a year before Miley was born). Schooled! She also shared that her next job will be working for three months with George Clooney. Swoon. Julie assures us that her job is not glamorous and while I am sure she is right, I am also sure that I wouldn't mind a day at her job just to confirm how NOT glamorous a day on the set with Mr. Clooney could be.

I had a post Julie dinner with some very good friends who now live in Los Angeles. They pointed out my first celebrity sighting of the weekend: Ron Jeremy at the back of the restaurant with some totally rando group of people (er professionals?) Our table was really into the fact that he drove away in a circa 90s Saturn.

Tomorrow we get down to some serious makeup business and I can't wait.