New Mother Nature (taking over)...

Aviary was featured in yesterday's lifestyle blog by Siel Ju on I haven't had a chance to meet Siel (she lives in LA) but we had a great chat on the phone back in November. This got me thinking about Atlanta's voice for the environment - our city's answer to the Green LA Girl - a socialite whose cause is to promote awareness about environmental issues. A spokeswoman for our planet, someone who uses their voice in many positive ways, someone who writes for different publications around town.  Maybe that person would be a woman with a well respected father who is a pioneer in the environmental industry and an advocate for private land owners. Perhaps this woman would be a native of Macon, Georgia but who lives in Atlanta with her husband and children. This person would certainly, most definitely, really appreciate what we are trying to achieve at Aviary. And I would want to work with her on a bigger level because in a town so spread out as Atlanta, we ECO-maniacs need to bind together to spread the message. Laura Turner Seydel, I am talking about you. I've put it into the universe that I'd like for you to be our client. Did you know that at Aviary you can have your hair colored using Organic Color Systems? Did you know that Organic Color Systems is 100% ammonia free, creating an environment lacking that burn-the-insides-of your-nasal-passages odor that is common in most salons? Did you know that this is not hippie hair color and that most people are shocked at how soft and shiny their hair is when they leave the salon. Did you also know that at Aviary, we use the best products available on the market and that are made with organic and biodynamically grown ingredients? They are also free from other known toxins and carcinogens such as parabens, mineral oil, petroleum byproducts, toluene, formaldehyde and artificial ingredients. Laura, I think you would LOVE a Dr. Hauschka facial.

The funny thing to me is that our lives are paralleled. I was also born in Macon, Georgia and relocated to Atlanta, where I live with my husband and our two sons, Miles and Rocco. My father, Chuck Leavell, is noted environmentalist and tree farmer. Dad even played your X-Mas Party a few years ago, which led us subsequently to have Captain Planet himself make an appearance at Miles's 3rd birthday party. THAT was a hit with the kids.

I know I could probably call in a few favors to make sure we get an introduction but, hey, this is the time of the internet and it would be so much more fun to see if I can do it when left to my own devices. So, here goes...I hope to meet you soon!