Prelude to Staplehouse pt. 2...humble beginnings.

A few weeks ago Steve and I had the pleasure of attending our first Staplehouse dinner at Jen and Ryan Hidinger's adorable Grant Park home. We are excited to go back tonight for their Father's Day dinner. What I am loving about this so much is their organic effort to build a business. Not to mention real human social networking that can occur as a result of putting together a dinner party of ten people at random. My best interactions happen over meals and over facials. I also started doing facials in a 5x7ft area in the loft of our first home. It seemed to be a safe (inexpensive) way to start doing facials on friends and neighbors, try out products and just get a fledgling business off the ground while learning a few things in the process. At the time, I thought I would work there for at least one or two years before searching out a place. The reality was about four months before I moved into The Plum and rented a room in what would eventually become Aviary {organic beauty collective}.

I'm very grateful for the support that I've had since doing those first facials on University Drive. I've learned and continue to learn a lot about growing a business. I still have a lot to learn. But at least I can do it on a full belly.