time to treat yourself (and baby)

With Mother's Day being this past Sunday, we thought we'd fill you in on Dr. Hauschka's Skin Care for Moms and Babies.  Dr. Hauschka's products continue to be made with organic and bio-dynamic ingredients as well as free of things like coal tar dyes, ethanolamines, parabens, phthalates, and other nasties.  The products are also hand harvested and processed in pharmaceutical grade facilities.  This ensures purity and that's just what you and baby deserve after all.

Products like the soothing Lavender Bath, Rose Body Wash (a natural, soap free cleanser), and Rose Body Oil make bath time enjoyable for the both of you.  You'll notice that Dr. Hauschka includes rose in many of the products for baby and it's not only because the rose is known as the "mother of all flowers".  The oils found in rose petals are gentle yet protective (just what baby needs) as they moisturize, balance, and nurture.  Moving to the changing table, Rose Day Cream and Body Silk are available as well as Rose Body Moisturizer to provide protective warmth and hydrated soft skin all day, every day.

And moms, Dr. Hauschka has you covered whether you're a new mum or not.  The Blackthorn Body Oil supports elasticity and helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks due to weight loss or gain as it warms and protects.  The Soothing Mask returns the complexion to a balanced, even state and when nighttime rolls around, the Rhythmic Night Conditioner is there to restore harmony and calm skin post pregnancy.  It sounds like a nice way to end the day.  And speaking of nighttime, when you're spending the wee hours with your little one, try out Hauschka's Eye Solace.  It soothes and renews those tired, puffy, yet pretty eyes.

So treat yourself and baby - all of the above products are available here at the Aviary and we are itching to see you.  And of course, happy Mother's Day.  You're wonderful.