The Seven Day Skinny on Skin Continued: Four - Ingredients Matter

Fact Four is one we really advocate and that is that ingredients matter... and quality ingredients matter most.  As discussed in the

Time to Treat Yourself (and Baby)

post, Dr. Hauschka uses the highest quality ingredients for the most effective products possible.  Every ingredient has an important job and is selected for its particular effects as well as its interaction with the whole.  Hauschka pays close attention to detail right down the manufacturer.  

WALA Heilmittel

has been studying and working with nurturing plant and mineral extracts since 1935 and has developed an in-depth understanding of them.  The results of this research gives us products that help to keep a toned, balanced, and radiant complexion.  The sourcing is healthy, ecologically, and socially responsible as well as in support of sustainable and ecologically sound practices.  The ingredients are from biodynamic and organic sources.  And forget the chemical additives because everything here is 100% natural, allowing ingredients qualities to shine (through your radiant skin).  Again, treat what goes on your skin like the food that goes in it. You’re important you know.