jason elliott + satmc 7" release bash

We’re smiling this week in anticipation of Saturday and, more specifically, the release of a very special split 7”.  Spirits of the Melchizedek Children and Order of the Owl have teamed up with local label The Great Big to make your ears tingle.  And Jason Elliott, stylist at the Aviary and lead singer of Spirits will be there to serenade you.  Elliott, a lover of life, creativity, and knowledge, has been with the Aviary for over two years and works magic when it comes to hair.  Spirits of the Melchizedek Children is a project he’s had going for over seven years and is a large part of his life outside of the salon.

And Spirits, being a staple of “local best of” lists as well as a frequent player at Atlanta Music Roundtable and other events, have definitely made a splash.  Founded by Elliott himself, Spirits is now a power troupe featuring locals Chris Case, Joe McNeill, and Bryan Fielden.  Well thought out and cohesive, Elliott’s melodic lullabies will entrance (even charm) you this Saturday.  Here’s a little of what he has to say about it:

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children is quite the (awesome) band name.  Tell me a little about the backstory. Melchizedek has always been a man or thing of mystery. And I love mystery.

There seems to be a lot of anticipation surrounding this release.  What are your feelings on that? I love it! Our last record did well and this is just a sneak peek at what's in store for our next full length.

A lot of this excitement must of come from the splash your album, We Are Here To Save YOU!, made in the Atlanta music scene.  Would you consider LOOK! an extension or departure from this work? I'm a big believer in letting your music change with you and your surroundings. My life has definitely changed since writing our last album. I've always admired listening to a new album that someone or (band) that I enjoy and it sounds different. But different in a good way, progressive and innovative. You can believe what they are doing!

Your 7" is a split with Atlanta's own Order of the Owl.  What's your connection to them? They are good friends. Also we are the yin to their yang.

I always love your album artwork.  What's the story? Amanda K. Emmo has always taken our cover photos. She really knows what to capture in just the few adjectives that I give her. For the 7" I said, "Creamy-Dreamy". She of-course nails it every time.

Any hair hero's in the music world? Klaus Nomi.

The celebration of Order of the Owl and Spirits and the Melchizedek Children’s split 7” release will take place on Saturday, August 4 at 529.  Fellow locals Nigredo will open the show with doors at 9pm.  And admission is $7 but there will also be a Village Pass available which provides entry to both this release as well as The NEC release show at The Earl for $10.  Sounds like a night!  And we can’t wait to see you there.