jenn jones (seven things you didn't know)

Word on the street is that the Aviary’s new stylist, Jennifer Jones, is an expert when it comes to all things hair and color.  Having worked at studios such as Van Michael Salon in Atlanta, Mudhoney Hair Salon in New York City, and Graceland Brooklyn as well as instructing at the Aveda Institute in Atlanta, Jones has her craft down.  But here’s seven things you didn’t know about her (and extra reasons that we are lucky to have her):

I hear you're pretty mean in the kitchen. What's your favorite dish? Well I'm vegan and so are my husband and two boys. Along those lines I'm very passionate about filling mine and my families bellies with wholesome, organic food. So we do a lot of cooking at home.  My favorite dish to make is stir fry because it's simple, quick, delicious, and easy to clean-up; just scrub the wok.  The stir-fry I do usually contains tofu, onions, and seasonal veggies that I get from our local farmer's market.  Lately they have been filled with summer squash, carrots, and beans. I season them with a sauce made from rice wine vinegar, tamari sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and miso. Then serve it over brown rice or quinoa. Delicious!

Do you have a particular band, album, or type of music you like to listen to in the kitchen? We've always got music playing in our house. I listen to everything from ABBA to Queen to Billie Holiday and contemporary stuff like Gotye, Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons. But I do a lot of Pandora radio, that keeps it fresh and introduces me to new stuff I might have not heard before. Which I love.

Music is something that runs deep in my family as well as my husband's and we're trying to keep that alive as we raise our own family.

What would you consider your most career defining moment (so far)? I would say becoming an educator at the Aveda Institute has been a very defining moment in my career. That totally took it to the next level for me. It's given me a chance to see things from a different perspective and challenge my own knowledge base. Teaching has helped me realize that I have more patience than I ever thought and it's helped me to strengthen my foundation.  Because I have to be able to teach everything, I've been forced to grow and build in the areas that I had previously been weak in. I really feel like I've grown exponentially since becoming an educator.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra? There's a book called "Be Here Now" by Baba Ram Dass. It's a super intense book about transforming your mind on the path to enlightenment. Ever since I read it for the first time many years ago the title has become a mantra for me.  A reminder to stay present in the moment and enjoy every day that I'm given.

What's something that you always have with you? Easy, my iPhone. It's such an essential device for me. I use it for communication obviously  but it's also my encyclopedia of reference material, the camera which I use to photograph things that inspire me or spark an idea and  even a business tool for everything from note taking to business cards.

What's your favorite spot in Atlanta? One of my favorite spots in Atlanta is Grant Park.  It's close to where I live and has become the site of my favorite regular weekend family outing.  I take my 2 boys to the Grant Park farmers market almost every Sunday morning to gather goodies for the week and let my 3 year have his adventures with his best friends.

Do you have a favorite summer 'do? I've always been a huge fan of braids, and I'm so glad they're trending now. I've been seeing them everywhere. It's great.  Braids are perfect for summer because you can wear them during the day to keep your hair off of you while it's 90+ outside and then take them down and have nice waves for your evening out.  I'm doing a lot of braiding lately and working on some cool variations.