SIRCUIT made perfect?

As you know, we have had a recent growth spurt at the Aviary, striving to move towards something even better.  This idea being a common theme lately, we were excited to see that one of our product lines has grown as well and, as a result is better than ever.  And while it can be scary when one of your favorite product lines opts for an upgrade but SIRCUIT COSMECEUTICALS did it right.  How?

First off, SIRCUIT is a pretty fantastic company.  Their main philosophy is to set a new standard of what you should expect from a skin care company,  so SIRCUIT goes deeper than skin health, to cell health.  They do this by using Chiral Technology, a revolutionary molecular separation technology that’s almost unheard of.  Simply said, Chiral Technology results in formulas that have a higher concentration of the ingredient's benefits, balancing the skin on its most basic level.  They strive to work with the body, not against, and are free of chemicals, parabens, artificial color and fragrance, as well as cruelty.  That’s something we can get behind.

Their “Made Better” program came about as a sort of celebration of their ten-year anniversary.  Being a company that’s constantly ahead and striving to grow their knowledge of skin and cell health, SIRCUIT looked at the anniversary as a chance to reevaluate.  They listened to your concerns and suggestions and began a search for new ingredients as well as breakthroughs in skin health.  Ultimately, SIRCUIT reviewed it all and set a laser focus on what they wanted to achieve: a product that would move their philosophy further. Consequently “Made Better” was born.

We’d love to help find the perfect products in the line for you.  With more advancements in Chiral Technology, scent improvements (mmmm), safety breakthroughs, as well as new ideas when it comes to plant stem cells, the “Made Better” program is well... made better (maybe even Made Perfect).