evo - saving ordinary humans from themselves

We are welcoming some new products at the Aviary, one of which has the best slogan we’ve heard in awhile.  EVO - Saving Ordinary Humans From Themselves.  So wait, what does this mean?  And why does this EVO hair care think we need... saving?  The company is built with the mission to take revenge against over inflated truths (things like exotic dirt and new miracle roots).  Instead, EVO bluntly states that they are “not sold as the answer to life, love, and other woes” and we like it.  With their hair care, they want to help people think a little as well as look good (naturally).

And when you really think about it, EVO has a point.  We’re sold on ridiculous promises daily in the world of beauty.  Maybe this sensible, innovative, and luxurious take deserves a chance.  The products themselves are promised to be sulphate, paraben, and propylene glycol free as well as all ingredients being active.  And with the intriguing personality attached to each product, you can chose from “normal persons shampoo and conditioner” or “gluttony shampoo and bride of gluttony conditioner” (for those locks that need a little more bounce).  Aside from “normal” (care) and volume, EVO offers a complete line of hair care products including curl, straight, and style.  But don’t let the quirky names and array of options overwhelm you.  Come in and we’ll help you find your perfect fit.

Since their start, these Aussi hair care wizards have been featured in editorials including InStyle and Vanity Fair.  And now we’re exploring this (sans exotic dirt) hair care at the Aviary and we’re excited.  After all, EVO is right when they say, “love is in the hair”.