nobody likes a dirty beard

Men, are you tired of sacrificing the health of your skin for that amazing beard of yours?  And ladies, are you tired of your mans facial hair being dirty, course, and therefore untouchable?  Well, this is why Beard & Stache‘ Bars were created.  They stop dry, course, frizzy beards in their tracks as well protect color and texture.  And best of all, they’re local.  Yes, Atlanta’s very own Mike Albanese created the product after, himself, getting fed up of the trails and tribulations of wearing a (majestic) beard.

A relativity new yet quickly growing project, Beard & Stache’ Bars created a tag team for keeping facial hair happy.  And did we mention they’re all natural?  Molded and poured by hand, The WASH Bar consists of gentle, foaming, strip-free ingredients and is infused with oils that mean a lot to both beards and the skin underneath.  Its teammate, The CONDITION Bar, maintains smooth, shiny, and touchable hair with ingredients like jojoba oil (keeps moisture levels balanced and prevents icky dandruff), cocoa butter, and vitamin E (a natural antioxidant).  There’s also Stache’ Wax and Beard Grooming Wax available if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Beard & Stache’ Bars are available at the Aviary so stop in and start a healthy facial hair regimen today (or command that your man do so).  After all, they’re right when they say, “Nobody likes a dirty beard”.