our feathered friends: mary marshall fulp of eat drink & be mary

Superfood meets super girl?  Mary Marshall Fulp started Eat Drink & Be Mary as somewhat of an experiment at the beginning of summer.  Purely out of her love to create fresh, healthy food, she began to make unique salads for a handful of people connected to her.  When asked about her take she said, “I really wanted to offer an alternative to the normal quick fix (often unhealthy) lunch choices.  With the same ease and convenience, I wanted to be creating meals that inspired people to think.  Lunch is my favorite meal of the day and should be both something to look forward to AND something that gives you energy to conquer the rest of your day!” and we can agree with that.  But (again) like all healthy things do, Eat Drink & Be Mary grew. When we caught wind of Mary’s food service venture our stomachs growled just thinking of lunches to come.  From the Rainbow Superfood Salad to the Farro, Date, and Asparagus Salad with Mint Vinaigrette, her salads are well thought out and special (no fancy kitchens or assembly lines included).  Self taught salad master who’s got an integrative nutrition certification in the works and a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, Mary has an innate understanding of both humanity and our most basic needs.

And did we mention that she delivers (in the flesh complete with a bright smile)?  Her slogan is “Making fresh, healthy food for the BUSY and hungry people of Atlanta, Georgia” after all.  In other words, she gets the importance of healthy refueling and a break in the middle of your workday.  After teaming up with Dillwood Farms, a local and organic farm here in Atlanta, and feeding the likes of the Scoutmob offices, us, and other hungry tummies sprinkled around Atlanta, Eat Drink & Be Mary has certainly had a growth spurt.

But she doesn’t plan to stop there.  Have a salad or snack (black quinoa corn muffins or spinach smoothie anyone?) delivered to you.  You can check out the weekly menu at eatdrinkmary.tumblr.com or email Mary at eatdrinkmary@gmail.com.  You and your belly will be glad you did.  Bon Appetit!