nyfw trends to hold onto (hairspray not included)

Ah, New York Fashion Week.  A week out of the year that will partially dictate how we wear our hair and faces for weeks to come.  We’re not talking extremes like the extraterrestrials walking down the Alexander Wang runway but two simple trends we wouldn’t so much mind carrying on (and how to do so).

We’ve been seeing words like “dreamy”, “sun-kissed”, and “whimsical” pop up all over fashion week this year.  Loose, flowing locks and captivating up-dos may be an ode to this.  Everyone from Calvin Klein (surprise) to Charlotte Ronson have been rocking the allure of loose locks and it’s not so much of a surprise considering the pure, stunning nature of this undying do’.  The trick is to do it right.

How?  Klein has been taking a one inch curling iron to his models stick straight hair and in result, getting a bounce that moves like the model herself.  Pairing this with products like volumizing shampoo, conditioner (my personal favorite), and thermal styling protection from Number 4 will keep locks both flowing and healthy.

As for up-dos, there’s a lot of structure, from slicked back ponys to Wu’s stunning braids.  But what we love is the slightly more playful ones of Hérve Léger as well as some undone, colorful up-dos that are hanging around.  Whimsical indeed.

How?  We believe EVO would strongly support your love of locking in a cool up-do, especially with products like Mister Fantastic Texture Spray and Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation.  But if you just feel like treating yourself, remember Jenn Jones has a bit of braid expertise.

So here’s to fashion week and it living for a bit longer (especially these trends).  Their undone nature and natural feel support things we love the most: wellness, beauty, and all of the good things that come with it.