the most beautiful things in life are found in the simple

“The most beautiful things in life are found in the simple”, is what Number 4 states under their manifesto. But that’s not the only reason we are hair over heels for Number 4: High Performance Hair Care. They thrive on pure creativity and have developed their lines to run parallel with fashion, science, art, music, and industrial design. They believe that hair should be the ultimate look, defining as well as spanning new territories. Hey, we’re on board.

This beyond brilliant scheme has resulted in lines made with nature’s greatest ingredients, new technology, and innovation (from all angles). Of course Number 4 stays far away from sulfate and sodium chloride, gluten, and parabens as well as animal product and testing. But what is different (besides their general approach) is their development of Liquid Complex Culture or what they call “their backbone”. This system draws from water and an advanced delivery system that takes beneficial botanical ingredients and creates teeny, tiny molecules. These molecules then (putting science aside) create a sort of hair miracle. Number 4 products are gentle, strengthening, AND purifying. Their entire line is also color preserving which is amazing as well as rare (cue applause).

Another cool thing about Number 4 is that they are strongly inspired by French culture. Each collection, right down to its aroma, is inspired by a special moment in Paris. Ooh la la. These collections include Essential, Style, Volume, and Hydrate. And we are all addicted. I love the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, stylist, Jason Elliott swears on the Fluoro 5 Elixir Restore and Repair oil, and, well, the list goes on.