tired eyes? we can't tell.

Whether it’s “falling back” making us feel a little confused about time, this week’s election (yay), or just our day to day life, we know that there are some puffy eyes out there. When we spotted one of our favorite Sircuit products, I. Cee. U.™, being named the solution for tired, puffy, hangover eyes in GQ, we were reminded that we have it under control.

I. Cee. U.™ is a firming anti-aging eye gel, a long time Sircuit favorite but also part of the Made Better program we spoke about a few months ago. It’s a miracle worker the way it cures puffiness, eye bags, crows feet, tired eyes, and fine lines as well as prevents signs of aging. How? They used kiwi fruit extract to diminish dark circles as well as supercharge it with lots of antioxidants. Did you know that turmeric brightens as well as protects the skin and that Kumbuchka boosts the skins immune system, restores volume, and improves things like softness, radiance, and luminosity? We’re glad Sircuit figured it out.

And not many things sound better than a healthy dose of I. Cee. U.™ right now but then we paired it with our Clarisonic Opal. The Opal is palm sized and designed to help build skins resilience to prevent future damage around the eyes. While gently applying I. Cee. U.™ by hand does the trick, when applied with the Opal the serum reaches maximum absorption. That’s because, unlike our hand, the Opal moves at 125 sonic movements per second. This means an immediate reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, too.