our feathered friends: tonya sherman of gypsy recon

You know the chair that sits to the right of the desk at Aviary? You can't miss it. Embroidered and perfect, it's easy to sink into while you wait for your service. But like all favorite chairs, it had some wear and tear. We've been talking about getting it reupholstered for well... about a year, but nothing ever seemed quite right. That was until Amy was on one of her strolls along the beltline and stumbled into Paris on Ponce where Tonya Sherman of Gypsy Recon had a booth. She knew pretty much immediately that she had found her "person".

Tonya grew up around a grandmother who crafted everything from clothing to quilts and a mother who had an knack for antiques and making stained glass. Through her upbringing and countless trips to estate sales and vintage markets, she developed an intense passion for antiques and vintage goods as well as an impeccable eye for the potential and beauty in these things. Originally, Tonya pursued this passion through gaining a BFA in Fashion Design, but after her skills in sewing, pattern making, and textiles were honed, she started working as a photo stylist. Later, she went back to school for interior design. Could there be a better recipe for a vintage and home restoration business? And Gypsy Recon was born.

Tonya's motto is, "If you have an idea, let's talk about it," and that just shows her continued love of her career. Inspired by nature and Bohemian culture, she does everything from redesign to refurnishing and painting of tables, lamps, etc. She also reupholsters, which is the treatment our beloved chair got, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Neutral shades with a black frame and piping, our new chair even showcases a hidden deer on the chair-back! We invite you to come sit in it soon as well as to check Gypsy Recon out for yourself. After all, special pieces can make a room.