fresh air for city skin

The city of Atlanta is no stranger to pollution. According to Forbes, we come in 14th on the top 25 most polluted cities for year around particle pollution. But did you know that it can all have a negative effect on your skin? Pollution, like the sun's UV rays, can age the skin. Have no fear, though. Our friends at Clarisonic have us covered (again). Pollution is particulate matter, which means that it's tiny – 20 times smaller than a pore kind of tiny. Because of this, it can get trapped in your skin, resulting in hyper pigmentation and deeper facial wrinkling. Clarisonic's Smart Profile combines all of the things we love about Clarisonic plus some pollution fighting super powers. It removes 30 times more pollutants than manual cleansing so that you can say no thanks to all of pollution's negative effects. Smart Profile also introduces head to communication, meaning that it automatically adjusts power and timing to fit your skin's needs.

Smart Profile is a professional exclusive so head over to Amy or Kelly with questions or to grab one for yourself. After all, city skin deserves some fresh air, too.

last-minute gift guide (don't worry, we've got ya covered)

As always, Christmas has snuck up on us and it being a mere week away doesn't mean we've got all of our gifts to give under the tree. Don't fret, though. We have something to bring a smile to everyone on your list. We promise. For the skin conscious - This is an easy one thanks to Clarisonic. The skin cleansing system who boasts the mantra, "Clearer skin is healthier skin," has been a favorite of ours for awhile. It works by using a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, which, in turn, removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt than our hands ever could. There are options, too, with the Clarisonic Pro (perfect for the queen bee – as it is one itself – and is only available through estheticians), the Mia 2 (Pro's baby sister is the pick for the globe-trotter, complete with a handy travel case), the Clarisonic Opal (palm-sized and designed to help around the eyes) and the Clarisonic Face and Body (the ultimate all-over skin treat).

For the lock lover - A Mason Pearson hairbrush is one object every woman longs for. After all, we know the feeling. The not mass-produced, coveted brush originated in London in 1885 and hasn't changed much since – meaning it's an investment that will last for Christmases to come. The brushes come in four sizes, eight colors and three pads including Boar Bristle (for fine to normal locks), Boar Bristle and Nylon (for normal to thick locks) and Nylon (for those super thick locks) and promises to clean hair, stimulate the scalp and produce a healthy sheen. Yes, please, Santa.

For the one who has it all - Sometimes gift cards get a bad rap, but there's nothing bad about treating someone awesome to a hair cut or color, massage, facial or waxing complete with a therapist who will customize each treatment to address specific needs and wants. It'll even score them one of our favorite above mention gifts – without the stress of picking it out. And to that, we cheers the season of giving.

clarisonic, now from face... to feet

While Georgia may have had a confusing transition from winter to spring this year, we feel like the warm and humid is now here to stay and with that comes bathing suits, tank tops, and those tiny shorts. Oh man. We're thankful that our friends over at Clarisonic have us covered and this time, not just our faces. We're talking Clarisonic Pro Face and Body.

What Clarisonic aims to address this month is Keratosis Pilaris. We know, it sounds scary. In simpler terms, though, it's just referring to those summertime "chicken skin" bumps. In more proper terms, it's a skin condition where protein in the skin (keratin) forms hard plugs within hair follicles. And guess what? Over 80% of the population has it. So, Clarisonic conducted a 12 week study in which they proved just how great the body brush is. 100% reported an overall improvement in skin texture, 92% said they had a reduction in redness, and 91% noticed an improvement in dryness. All of these things get a thumps up, especially during a Georgia summer.

We love the Clarisonic system, which we talked about here a few months ago, and we invite you to come check it out and talk with Amy about any questions because again, the Pro Face & Body is only available through (your favorite) esthetician. Bring on the summer!

tired eyes? we can't tell.

Whether it’s “falling back” making us feel a little confused about time, this week’s election (yay), or just our day to day life, we know that there are some puffy eyes out there. When we spotted one of our favorite Sircuit products, I. Cee. U.™, being named the solution for tired, puffy, hangover eyes in GQ, we were reminded that we have it under control.

I. Cee. U.™ is a firming anti-aging eye gel, a long time Sircuit favorite but also part of the Made Better program we spoke about a few months ago. It’s a miracle worker the way it cures puffiness, eye bags, crows feet, tired eyes, and fine lines as well as prevents signs of aging. How? They used kiwi fruit extract to diminish dark circles as well as supercharge it with lots of antioxidants. Did you know that turmeric brightens as well as protects the skin and that Kumbuchka boosts the skins immune system, restores volume, and improves things like softness, radiance, and luminosity? We’re glad Sircuit figured it out.

And not many things sound better than a healthy dose of I. Cee. U.™ right now but then we paired it with our Clarisonic Opal. The Opal is palm sized and designed to help build skins resilience to prevent future damage around the eyes. While gently applying I. Cee. U.™ by hand does the trick, when applied with the Opal the serum reaches maximum absorption. That’s because, unlike our hand, the Opal moves at 125 sonic movements per second. This means an immediate reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, too.

clearer skin, healthier skin, clarisonic

A lot went on this weekend in our fair city.  The Decatur Book Festival, Braves games, Dragon*Con anyone?  And with all this playing around your skin may be in need of some TLC (especially if you participated in heavy Dragon*Con makeup).  But never fear, all you need is a little love courtesy of your Clarisonic.  Clarisonic is a skin cleansing system that uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second (more than any hands could ever do) and removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than those hands too.  The Clarisonic mantra: clearer skin is healthier skin.

Cleansing is a fundamental but often overlooked step in your daily beauty routine; the excitement of your other, seemingly more exciting skin care products take priority.  But what Clarisonic does is remind us that without proper cleansing, those products don’t work as well they can and should.  The system is gentle, a master at minimizing visible pores, reducing oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes, and keeps your coveted skin looking and feeling smoother.  We covet Carisonic Pro - complete with four speeds a universal changing cradle, and a three year warranty.  And as the queen bee of Clarisonic, the Pro is only available through estheticians.  Ahem.  We also adore the Mia 2 - Pro’s travel ready baby sister.  Mia 2 comes with two speeds (low and normal), a travel case, universal charger, two-year warranty, and your choice of pretty color (we LOVE coral and mango).

To use your Clarisonic, wet your skin with water and appropriate gel or crème cleanser or just apply cleanser to brush, and use in circular motions for about a minute.  The Clarisonic is so gentle and perfectly delicate that it could be used up to twice a day but we recommend a more realistic 2-3 times a week for festival ready skin (again).  Come by and see or set up an appointment with Amy to chat a little more about it, to see it in action, or just for a little of that face TLC we talked about earlier.