into the bottle: calendula

Between Labor Day, Dragon Con, the 9th annual AJC Decatur Book Festival and the BeltLine Lantern Parade, the past two weekends in Atlanta have been busy ones. And while we don’t wish for a shortage of fun and games, we can’t help but feel in need of a little rest and relaxation for the week ahead – especially for our skin. That’s where Calendula comes in. A soothing herb extracted from the Marigold plant, the scientifically named Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract is calming to tired, worn out skin. And, well, after all that Dragon Con makeup, it seems like exactly what we need.

The trick is that it boasts goodies such as carotenes, flavonoids, tannins and essential oils. The healing astringent has even been thought of as a remedy for centuries.

But the real key to getting your skin ready for the next festivities is that Calendula is regenerative. It’s not hard to get your hands on either. A lot of our favorite healing products use it.

For example, Sircuit’sI. Cee U.+ is a firming, anti-aging eye gel (ahem, one of our faves) that boasts Calendula as a main ingredient. Dr. Hauska'sEye Balm also uses the herb, meaning it’s the perfect ingredient to zap those pesky undereye bags. Sircuit’s Clarity Broccoli Sulfur Mask also uses it, and is awesome for skin prone to blemishes.

Sounds like this week’s skinsaver to us!

your summer skin savior

We are all familiar with the failsafe skincare ritual of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing and the daily use of toner can feel like a daunting extra step. So do you really need it? The answer is yes – especially in the coming summer months. Toner is a water-based solution with humectants that work to keep moisture in the upper levels of the skin. In turn, it fights dryness and gives your skin an instant boost of hydration. That’s not all, though. Toner is known to combat chemicals such as chlorine. Summer swims are a necessity when it comes to getting through the Georgia summer and chlorine can sit on your skin long after a splash, drying it out. In contrast to combating dehydrating chemicals, toner enhances your preexisting skincare routine. It consists of ingredients that soothe, control oil (thus fighting acne) and stimulate blood circulation. Applying it pre-moisturizer can multiply these benefits as well as add a protective layer to your skin so you can say goodbye to environmental damage.

Toner is a skin saver when it comes to summer sun and it’s well worth the extra step. We love Dr. HauschkaFacial Toner and Clarifying Toner. Sircuit Cosmeceuticals also boasts two of its own: Molecular Mist and Immaculate Mist. Ready, set, summer skin!

into the bottle: rose

Humans have always had a love affair with roses and for good reason. Rose oil and rose water are two of the oldest skincare products in the book. The Dr. Hauschka website explains the coveted use of rose oil and rose water in their products: “The flowers must not be allowed to get hot, otherwise they would lose too much of the costly rose essential oil. For this reason harvesting starts early in the morning and everyone in the Lalehzar valley that is not aged or infirm is roped in to help. Again and again the distillery workers turn the roses over to ensure that they remain cool.”

Apart from the boundless vitamins and antioxidants that can be ingested through a cup of rose hip tea or the calming affects of its aroma, rose oil and rose water have a long list of benefits when it comes to beauty. First off, it contains anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes irritated skin. It also includes a great deal of antioxidants that are proven to strengthen skin cells and regenerate tissue. These properties make the rose particularly beneficial to sensitive skin, but the love affair doesn’t stop there.

The duo also makes for a great moisturizer. Its natural oils trap moisture in the skin, decrease damage to the skin's elastin fibers and prevent wrinkles. These properties, especially beneficial to dry skin, help skin look and feel smoother.

The key word for the rose, in any sense, is gentle and some of our tried and true natural products thrive on the super flower. Dr. Hauschka boasts Rose Day Cream, Rose Day Cream Light, Rose Body Moisturizer and Rose Body Oil and Sircuit uses it in restorative retinoid crème Supernatural-A, repair and recovery balm Sircurity and protective moisture crème Cloud 9+. Roses are red, anyone?

here comes the sun

Finally, spring is here! Not only do we see it in Atlanta’s fine patio sitting, bicycle riding, beltline loving way, but in our hair and skin. Why? Spring brings along a big change in moisture balance. You know, the reason that city 800 miles from you makes your hair look better. Unlike the urge to sprint up the street for a King of Pops pop though, keeping your hair and skin healthy during the winter/spring transition is totally manageable.

Our friends over at EVO even have some tips and products. First off, they recommend their Happy Campers Hard-Working Moisturizer, a lightweight, leave-in moisturizer. The important thing here is the added sun protection that will keep your locks healthy during those beltline walks. Day of Grace Leave In Conditioner is the next smart move because (as EVO claims) it provides “100% more movement then a recently botoxed forehead”. Using a dab before styling will keep your hair in balance (and bounce). And lastly, EVO recommends Love Touch Shine Spray, their solution to dry, dull hair. As a weightless finishing spray, it magically adds both hold and shine. Thanks EVO!

We also recommend their Water Killer Dry Shampoo that we just got in to ease your “I wash my hair too much” woes. Skin takes a similar beating as we do the constant shuffle between outdoor warmth and humidity to indoor heat and dryness. To combat this “extreme combination” skin condition, Amy recommends 4 weeks of Dr. HauschkaRhythmic Night Conditioner ampoules as well as Dr. Hauschka’s Toned Day Cream as a perfect spring product. It moisturizes and protects all skin types with its unique blend of quince seed extract, beeswax, and rose petal wax. Have a balanced spring, friends (and don’t forget that sunscreen either).

into the bottle: arnica

This week we’re revisiting the “E” word. If you haven’t taken Condition up on last week’s deal, we may know one of the things stopping you. Exercise can be tough so it’s natural that muscles start feeling tight and joints begin to get a little stiff after a rigorous workout. That’s where arnica, another ingredient we’re thanking the earth for, comes in.

Arnica is in the sunflower family and has been used for centuries to relieve pain, revitalize after-physical activity, and even promote flexibility. It’s believed that the plant contains derivatives of thymol, which has anti-inflammatory effects so even those with arthritis are use it to reduce pain and swelling in joints. It is also loaded with compounds like flavonoids, silicic acid, tannins, carotenoids, and essential oils. These compounds make arnica a fantastic healer for skin and its own process of renewal and self-cleansing.

For us, arnica’s all natural soothing action along with its skin benefits makes it a superstar ingredient. Dr. Hauschka uses arnica as the main component in their Birch Arnica Body Oil and Sircuit in their refreshing gel moisturizer, Cool Aid. The best way to utilize arnica’s benefits is the massage it into the skin after exercise or those other strenuous activities. It’s soothing warmth will bring those muscles and joints back to live… so you can exercise again tomorrow.

a duo done right (just in time for valentine's day)

All right gang, not only are we in the midst of NYFW where fresh skin is in high demand, but Saint Valentine has his day coming up as well. We have a plan though. Dr. Hauschka knows our needs and has released limited supply, perfectly pretty day creams paired with complementary treatment mask trials. Whether new to Dr. Hauschka’s awesome products or a longtime fan, these sets are a great opportunity to correct and balance skin, find a new fave, and become acquainted (and fall in love with) the benefits of weekly mask treatments. It seems like cupid may already be here.

The sets offer well thought out daily (moisturizer) and weekly (mask) care for normal, dry, sensitive, and sensitive combination skin. Each duo even features a daily regimen to get you on track. For example, for normal skin, Hauschka’s team has paired Quince Day Cream with the Rejuvenating Mask. Quince Day Cream protects, hydrates, and supports balanced, healthy skin while the Rejuvenating Mask enlivens, refreshes, and boosts vitality (leaving you looking radiant). Rose Day Cream has been paired with the Soothing Mask for dry skin because rose nurtures and renews, sealing in moisture to prevent dehydration. Soothing Mask maintains moisture content and supports healthy cycles of skin renewal. Sensitive skin demands Rose Day Cream Light (a lighter version of Rose Day Cream that soothes and protects) and is again paired with the Soothing Mask. And for that sensitive combo skin, Melissa Day Cream is again paired with the Rejuvenating Mask, which has the power to calm irritation and redness. Melissa Day Cream softens and balances while reducing the appearance of minor blemishes as well as controls that unwanted shine.

Basically, Dr. Hauschka has us covered and with essential oils and simple smells included in each product, we’re even ready for the week ahead. And remember, these duos are in limited supply so we hope to see you soon!

Seven - Rhythm Is The Key

Fact seven ties everything together: rhythm is the key... to health and vibrancy.  Throughout these seven days you’ve heard the words rhythm and balance often because of their importance when it comes to the health of your skin.  So, what does rhythm have to do with skin care?  It’s vital to acknowledge that all of life and nature has rhythm and this doesn’t change when it comes to your skin.  Skin has a unique rhythm of constantly recreating and balancing itself in a 28 day cycle (very similar to the moons).  It’s also proven that rhythmic touch stimulates skin which is why Dr. Hauschka’s Press and Roll method supports skin health by gently removing dirt and oil while rhythmically stimulating the skin.  These healthy rhythms create a state of balance and when they are followed and nurtured, we can all live in healthy, natural balance.  Sounds nice right?  Dr. Rudolph Hauschka recognized this power and his products are instilled with ingredients that possess the vitality they had in nature.  Rhythm is the heart of Dr. Hauschka, life, and also the Aviary.

Six - Not All Facials Are Created Equal

Fact six: Not all facials are created equal.  See, the key lies in balance and rhythm.  A rhythmic, caring touch can guide you to balance and serenity from your skin to your mind.  Dr. Hauschka believes in supporting skin health by calming the mind and by stimulating the lymph flow to promote the skin’s self cleansing processes.  The combination of the unique botanical blends and preparations and the power of touch encourage this.  A facial should support your skin’s natural processes of self-cleansing and renewal to bring forth the glow in you.  Schedule yours today!

Five - Your Skin Is Smart

Fact five is that your skin is smart.  It has the ability to care for itself by responding to changes in both your internal and external environments.  And while your skin is intelligent, it can still use a little help when it comes to protection and support.  The key is to encourage and strengthen your skin’s natural processes, using products that allow the skin to cleanse, balance, and renew. Where other lines suppress and interfere with these natural rhythms. Hauschka does this by drawing upon centuries of herbal wisdom, combining traditional and modern science and technology, and by working with the skin holistically to help it achieve a natural, self-sufficient state.  Isn’t it amazing to know that your skin is this smart? Like PhD smart.

The Seven Day Skinny on Skin Continued: Four - Ingredients Matter

Fact Four is one we really advocate and that is that ingredients matter... and quality ingredients matter most.  As discussed in the

Time to Treat Yourself (and Baby)

post, Dr. Hauschka uses the highest quality ingredients for the most effective products possible.  Every ingredient has an important job and is selected for its particular effects as well as its interaction with the whole.  Hauschka pays close attention to detail right down the manufacturer.  

WALA Heilmittel

has been studying and working with nurturing plant and mineral extracts since 1935 and has developed an in-depth understanding of them.  The results of this research gives us products that help to keep a toned, balanced, and radiant complexion.  The sourcing is healthy, ecologically, and socially responsible as well as in support of sustainable and ecologically sound practices.  The ingredients are from biodynamic and organic sources.  And forget the chemical additives because everything here is 100% natural, allowing ingredients qualities to shine (through your radiant skin).  Again, treat what goes on your skin like the food that goes in it. You’re important you know.

Three - Stop Scrubbing Your Skin Like It's The Bathroom Floor

And we’ve all been guilty of fact three at one time or another. Toss out your

Buff Puffs

because important fact Number Three is to stop scrubbing your skin like it’s the bathroom floor. Of course we want to get rid of those nasty impurities and dirt that can cause breakouts and clog pores but it’s so easy to damage skin by over-cleansing, scrubbing, or using harsh exfoliants.  These strip your skin of its natural protection and results in dry, prematurely aging skin. Dr. Hauschka recommends

Cleansing Cream

and has developed the

"Press and Roll"

method which exfoliates (gently), removing those impurities that disturb the skin's natural line of defense, and keeps the balance of oil and water on the acid mantle (skin’s surface layer).

Two - Like Treats Like

Second fact: like treats like.  In other words, don’t try to make your skin something it is not.  For example, you may question the idea of applying oil to an oily, acne prone complexion but in actuality, it’s a smart thing to do.  Your skin knows whether it’s sufficiently protected and will produce more of its own oil when skin is dry from a product and less when it’s balanced with the appropriate product.  Something like Normalizing Day Oil provides just that.

For dry skin, there are products like the Moisturizing Day Cream

, which keeps things light.  When dry skin is treated with rich, heavy creams or oils we trick our skin into thinking it’s been producing too much oil causing the skin to decrease production and keeps aggravating the dry skin cycle.  Moisturizing Day Cream promotes balance and provides enough moisture to avoid dryness.  After a short time your skin will learn to once again fend for itself.

The Seven Day Skinny on Skin: Step One - Skip the Night Creams

By now, you've probably caught on to how much we love healthy skin as well as how much we respect and adore Dr. Hauschka.  This is why over the next week we’ll share Dr. Hauschka’s 7 Facts That Will Change Your Skin.  Ready to glow for the upcoming Summer days and nights?

Okay, so step one is skipping the night creams - your skin will thank you.  Trust us.  Night creams interfere with the natural process your skin is going through during those dream filled hours.  During sleep your skin regenerates itself, balances oil production and expels impurities.  When you use night cream, your skin becomes dependent on it, losing the ability to care for itself.  The trick is to allow your skin to go about its “night work”.  Balanced skin needs nothing more than cleansing and toning before bed so give it a try!  First, we recommend Hauschka’s Rhythmic Night Conditioner which can be helpful with returning your skin to an even, radiant state.

Stay tuned!  We'll have a fact for you every day this week.

time to treat yourself (and baby)

With Mother's Day being this past Sunday, we thought we'd fill you in on Dr. Hauschka's Skin Care for Moms and Babies.  Dr. Hauschka's products continue to be made with organic and bio-dynamic ingredients as well as free of things like coal tar dyes, ethanolamines, parabens, phthalates, and other nasties.  The products are also hand harvested and processed in pharmaceutical grade facilities.  This ensures purity and that's just what you and baby deserve after all.

Products like the soothing Lavender Bath, Rose Body Wash (a natural, soap free cleanser), and Rose Body Oil make bath time enjoyable for the both of you.  You'll notice that Dr. Hauschka includes rose in many of the products for baby and it's not only because the rose is known as the "mother of all flowers".  The oils found in rose petals are gentle yet protective (just what baby needs) as they moisturize, balance, and nurture.  Moving to the changing table, Rose Day Cream and Body Silk are available as well as Rose Body Moisturizer to provide protective warmth and hydrated soft skin all day, every day.

And moms, Dr. Hauschka has you covered whether you're a new mum or not.  The Blackthorn Body Oil supports elasticity and helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks due to weight loss or gain as it warms and protects.  The Soothing Mask returns the complexion to a balanced, even state and when nighttime rolls around, the Rhythmic Night Conditioner is there to restore harmony and calm skin post pregnancy.  It sounds like a nice way to end the day.  And speaking of nighttime, when you're spending the wee hours with your little one, try out Hauschka's Eye Solace.  It soothes and renews those tired, puffy, yet pretty eyes.

So treat yourself and baby - all of the above products are available here at the Aviary and we are itching to see you.  And of course, happy Mother's Day.  You're wonderful.

Aviary {organic beauty collective} is InStyle!

In one of the interviews that I did the last year, I was asked what the most exciting thing that I have ever won. My answer: accolades. To be able to do what you love is truly a gift; I feel as blessed about that as I do my family and friends who support me. But, in all honesty, to be told that you are good at it is something that brings a me level of validation that I never experienced with report cards or trophies. Though I love to learn, I was never an excellent student (actually I was a pretty bad one) and even though I am "tall" (which apparently equals must be great at sports), I am much more clumsy and awkward than nimble. Plus I pretty much hate anything that requires running. So when I got the call that I was being considered for InStyle Magazine's roundup of the Nation's best beauty services, I had to catch my breath. And then throw up a little because I still had to perform a facial for their tester.

I feel fortunate that our Atlanta tester was a real champion for the ATL. She told us that she had been hounding a friend who works for the magazine to stop overlooking our great city for this annual feature...and they finally obliged! How my name got tossed into the ring, I will never know. But we made it. And the me of my twenties (a PR girl) is super proud of the me of today...because I don't think I even got this excited to get a band written up in Rolling Stone or the New York Times. As I read the other services and salons who are featured, I feel even more flattered to be friends at WAX got a great shoutout under waxing. And Adore Hair Studio, which is also right around the corner, was featured under hairstyling. So yay Eastside ATL!!

Anyway, I appreciate the kudos from InStyle and I hope you'll take advantage of the 20% discount that they are offering to their readers. We at the Aviary are just doing what we love to do everyday, whether providing a service or just hanging out with our friends. On most days it feels like one in the same to us.

I Like Birds: Just What The Doctor Ordered

We had such a great time this weekend with Kristi Hyde, King of Pops and Carly from Dr. Hauschka that we decided to perpetuate the love of organic beauty and share a great deal which will land some free product in your hands. It's been an astounding 90 plus degrees outside all week and with two more months of unbearable heat, swimming pool, beach & boat weather, we can't think of anything better for you and your skin than this deal.

Please note there is only one per customer but there is no expiration date so use this when your tired and sun exposed skin needs a real boost.

Our Feathered Friends - Kristi Hyde, Dr. Hauschka and King of Pops

Oh, I hope you will join us this Friday night for some Studioplex Art Walk fun. We're hosting an event at our end of the courtyard and, as usual, look forward to hosting and toasting friends and hanging out. We'll have champagne and snacks and free popsicles if you get there early enough!

Spring Cleaning Time at Aviary!

It's time for Spring cleaning at Aviary {organic beauty collective}! Get schooled with a lesson in organic beauty from Aviary makeup artist, Raney O'Keefe and enjoy discounts on your favorite skin care and makeup products from Dr. Hauschka and Julie Hewett Los Angeles.

Raney's makeup lessons are incredible! Are you wondering if your favorite lipstick is the right shade for you? Not sure if your technique for shading your shadows is all it should be? Maybe you are just looking for a new Spring look for 2010? Raney will take you step by step and product by product through yourmakeup bag, recycling old products that are out of date or out of fashion, replacing them with current colors and teaching you the latest makeup trends.

And at the discounted rate of $100 (normally $150) for 120 minutes, this is a total steal! We can also accommodate parties so inquire about a girls' night at Aviary!

You can also share the invite by passing on this link:

Radiant You Event

I've just finished prepping beautiful gift bags for the attendants of tomorrow's Radiant You event. The group is North Atlanta's Country Hills Garden Club and I can't think of a more appropriate group of women with which to share the beauty of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.

Carly Chambers, my Dr. Hauschka representative, will be with me to guide the women through their experience with the core skin care line. We will be shooting a testimonial so stay tuned to see and hear more...