A note about parking at studioplex

You may have heard the news about the upcoming improvements coming to Studioplex and The Old 4th Ward. Studioplex is working to bring a boutique hotel to the space behind Serpas on the Beltline. In anticipation of it’s arrival, effective immediately, the back parking lot is closed in order to build a multi level parking structure.

In the meantime, parking at Studioplex is going to be transformed and one of our favorite additions is a valet!!! No more circling the lot hoping to find an available space, just pull in the front and drop your car off.

If you do not wish to valet your car, all the parking on Auburn Ave is still an option as is parking on Airline, just West of the Studioplex entrance. The valet will be an hourly rate similar to those at Krog Market, Inman Quarter and Ponce City Market.

Please continue to arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment in order to familiarize yourself with the new system. While change can be inconvenient, we are reminding ourselves that it is inevitable and a part of growth.

See you soon,

Amy Leavell Bransford & Aviary {Beauty & Wellness Collective}

Tarot 101 at the Aviary {Beauty & Wellness Collective} - SOLD OUT

Led by Modern Mystic, Kelley Knight, this Tarot 101 class requires no prior experience, just an interest in learning the basics of tarot. Tarot is a deep study that can take a lifetime; the aim of this class is to give you the tools to get you on your way.

Expect to leave with basic knowledge of the suits, numerology, pip card meanings, major Arcana meanings and simple spreads as well as supplemental take home materials. You will also have access to a private Facebook group where we will host discussions and answer questions between classes.

This round of classes will be hosted by the Aviary located in Studioplex.

CLICK HERE for more information.


Sunday, 1/24 - Numerology and Suits

Sunday, 1/31 - Challenging Pip Card Break Down

Sunday, 2/7 - Major Arcana 

Sunday, 2/14 - OFF - Home practice

Sunday, 2/21- Simple Spreads & Wrap Up

Classes are from 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $100 for 4 weeks - limited to 10 students


Prerequisite: A tarot deck. Finding "your" deck is key to your personal relationship with the cards. Seek a deck you feel a connection with, and can start to read a little bit without training or much struggle. It's like each deck speaks a language and you'll have an easier time if you select one in your native tongue.

You can search for decks on Amazon and look at the artwork to see what resonates. Or you can visit Phoenix and the Dragon or Synchronicity and thumb through their offerings. Do your best! You can always switch to another deck. 

Kelley's Favorite/Non-Traditional Decks:

The Wild Unknown (Purchase at Young Blood Boutique - this is the deck Kelley teaches from)

Antique Anatomy Tarot

Fountain Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot

More Traditional Decks:

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Thoth Tarot

Morgan-Greer Tarot

Check Amazon for the above decks.


no tricks, just treats: reward yourself with aviary's pumpkin facial

Alright, Atlanta. As you know, it’s pumpkin time. But pumpkin is not only for your porch or pie or, ahem, latte – it’s for your skin. All year around, we love our ALCHEMIST Smart Peel utilizing Sircuit's Youth Accelerator Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, but there’s something about the arrival of fall that makes it even better. And apart from it smelling good enough to eat, it comes loaded with healthy skin benefits.

By smartly targeting the skin’s receptors, the peel aids in getting rid of that icky free radical damage (which results in accelerated aging), and the power is really in the pumpkin. Concentrated pumpkin, or Cucurbita Pepo extract is rich in Beta Carotene and over 100 other nutrients. The other main ingredient, pumpkin ferment or Lactobacillus, works to exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities. All in all? It leaves your skin as vibrant as fall’s blue sky.

As a part of the facial, it’s a sure fire way to deeply cleanse pores, exfoliate and rehydrate. But seriously, don’t go eating it – we have a treat for you. If you show us this blog post upon receiving your Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, you’ll get $10 off, and, if you’re a member of Gilt City Atlanta, you can grab yourself the whole thing for $54 (not to mention the deals on Intraceuticals Rejuvenate + Atoxelene Oxygen Infusions and brow shaping that we’ve thrown in the treat basket as well).

Happy fall, friends!

wonder city, wonderfarm

Prepare to engage all five senses this coming Saturday at the first-ever Wonderfarm. A celebration of our unique community, Wonderfarm will combine farm food and local art to benefit two special Atlanta nonprofits – Community Farmers Markets and WonderRoot. The evening will include a seated dinner curated by Miller Union chef Steven Satterfield and feature more than 10 of Atlanta's most crave-worthy chefs. Interactive performances, demonstrations and installations organized by WonderRoot will also be in progress.

It is Community Farmers Markets’ mission to develop and strengthen farmers markets for long term sustainability and meaningful community impact. WonderRoot also believes in inspiring positive social change through uniting artists and community.

In addition to a delicious dinner and equally enticing art, Wonderfarm will include a cocktail reception and silent auction from your favorite local businesses. And did we mention that this is the first time that the new Krog Street Market opens its doors to the public?

Head over here for ticket information and how to get involved. This is an Atlanta evening not to miss.

true love is an oxygen facial

Thanks to Karina Timmel and The Atlantan for including us in this month's "Beauty Boosts." After Karina came in for an oxygen facial (she went with the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate + Instant Infusion with Atoxelene treatment), she fell in love – you know, just in time for Valentine's Day. Head over here to book yours. See you soon!

our feathered friends: dana hazels seith goes behind the scenes at the clermont lounge

Ah, The Clermont Lounge. We all know it, love it or are at least curious about it. After all, it's an Atlanta landmark. Unchanged since it opened its doors in 1965, The Clermont has attracted visitors both near and far as well as has given them all stories to take home. What they haven't been able to take home, though, is photos. The venue has held a strict "no cameras" policy – until now. Our friend and writer Dana Hazels Seith along with photographer Artem Nazarov and designer Ryan Wood were given an all-access pass to document the legendary Atlanta dive, creating the artfully produced, conversation starting coffee table book No Cameras: The Clermont Lounge (available here). Here's a little peak at Dana's experience: So owners Tracey Brown and Kathi Martin commissioned you with this idea? Will you tell us a little about your reaction to such an interesting project? Had you known them previously?

I heard they were looking for someone to document their story (visually and with text). I was overwhelmed at first, both with the subject and just agreeing to such a tremendous task of spearheading: Finding a publisher, conducting interviews, researching, writing. I never met either Kathi or Tracey (or been inside the Clermont Lounge) prior to my role in the project. They are both amazing women and I’m proud to call them friends.

This was a collaborative effort as you worked alongside photographer Artem Nazarov and designer Ryan Wood. Have you working collaboratively before during your career as a writer? What was your experience?

I have worked collaboratively before, but never to this degree. Going from concept to book form is a massive undertaking and I’m grateful I was naive enough to go for it with all I had, but writing is just one component of what made this project. Photography from Artem and design from Ryan (both whom PC Press, my publisher, provided) completed the bigger picture, so to speak.

It must have been quite the adventure having an "all-access pass" to such a landmark/slice of history. Do you have any interesting stories you could share?

It was an adventure. So many memories and stories – too many to count, actually – some funny, some sad, some disappointing, some hilarious. It was a wild ride and one I’m very grateful for.

They say you'll never forget a night at the Clermont Lounge. Name one thing you'll never forget about the experience.

It’s not really one night, per se, but I’ll never forget the ladies who work there. They make the Clermont the Clermont and honestly, no amount of words or photographs in a book could fully do what they do justice.

My advice: Go. Tip generously. And have a night you’ll always remember.

What's next for you?

Like most working mothers, perfecting the art of doing what I love while trying to spend quality time with my family is top priority. I’ll always write in some capacity and continue to run my communications firm, danapop. But now that this project is done and there’s a tangible book, I think I can finally exhale a bit.

And lastly, if you were a bird, which bird would you be?

Ooh – this is tough, but I’d say an Osprey. They are birds of prey (often called sea hawks), ocean-dwellers favoring the coast, have a keen sense of vision, and an interesting ability to change their wing joints to adapt their surroundings (thanks, Wikipedia!).

I’d like to think I’m most of those things: smart, able to be flexible when needed, a strong sense of direction and internal compass, and someone drawn to the sea.

francesca hernandez, aviary's newest esthetician

We are so excited to introduce you to Francesca, our newest esthetician. A true adventurer with a passion for holistic health, healing arts and beauty, Francesca has worked at reputable spas around Atlanta as well as a resort spa in Bermuda.  She's now entering her tenth year in the industry and we're thrilled she's decided to share her sense of exploration, inspiration and knowledge with us. Here's a little about her – in and out of the treatment room: What initially interested you in your craft? With your first degree in studio art, do you feel the two go hand in hand? I first became intrigued in aesthetics and massage in junior high after I saw an article in Seventeen Magazine about spa treatments. There was something so pleasing about self care and the tranquil images that it left an impression on me. I also started getting into my own aesthetic rituals around that time, which in turn helped with my confidence as a teenager. I would buy exfoliant and masks from The Body Shop with my allowance money and do facials on myself at home. The visual arts has always been a life long interest. It definitely goes together as both allow me to use my hands and be in the moment.

You were born in Louisiana, but spent your childhood between Puerto Rico and Florida. What brought you to Atlanta? I initially came to Atlanta in high school after my mom got a job at a college here. Since then I've lived in other places, but I always ended up coming back to Atlanta. It just offers a lot here in the way of activities and interests, plus you've got a lot of good nature spots to balance it out.

As an adventurer, what's one of your favorite places in the world? Paris. I've never seen another city so well designed. It was like someone laid out the city so that every angle looks like a scene from a painting. It's definitely worth a return visit.

How about in Atlanta? As a foodie I am eternally grateful for the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Their selection keeps getting better and its worth braving the crowds. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is another favorite. I just got back from seeing the scarecrows and the Imaginary Worlds exhibit. It is always a pleasure to hang out there.

And lastly, if you were a bird, what bird would you be? An owl, but maybe a baby owl. I tend to be a solitary thinker but I'm wise enough to know I don't know it all.

aviary's newest (full-time) bird: jenn jones

Remember when we announced that hairstylist and color specialist Jenn Jones was coming part-time to Aviary? Cue good hair because you can now find her here full-time (and we couldn't be more excited). A North Carolina native, Jenn studied at the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill, later honing her skills working at reputable studios such as Van Michael Salon of Atlanta, Mudhoney Hair Salon in New York City and the highly acclaimed alt-salon Graceland Brooklyn - where she still makes a regular appearance. Most recently, working as a stylist and instructor at the Aveda Institute Atlanta, Jenn has made Atlanta home with her her husband, photographer Raymond McCrea Jones, and their two young sons.

With over ten years of experience behind her, Jenn has locks on well, lockdown. She has a love of color - which shows through her expertise in techniques like balayge and being named Atlanta's best colorist by InStyle Magazine - and can make any dreamy 'do happen.

Jenn is available Sundays from 11:00-5:00, Mondays from 9:30-5:00 and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-7:00. Contact and booking information can be found here.

Welcome to the nest, Jenn!

no-labor day

Labor Day (or no-labor day) calls for a break and Atlanta boasts a few more options than spending the day at the pool. Here's what we're doing: Dragon Con: It's okay to unleash you inner nerd every once in a while. Atlanta's yearly convention of all things fantasy and sci-fi is the largest of its kind. It's silly to miss (even if you could). Besides, word on the street is that William Shatner's going to be there. Dragon Con kicks off with the paradeSaturday.

AJC Decatur Book Festival: Saturday also means the 8th Annual AJC Decatur Book Festival. A community based non-profit, the festival brings everything but the reading glasses. We can't wait for Amy Leavell Bransford's pop, environmentalist, author and music man Chuck Leavell to speak on his book, Growing a Better America: Smart, Strong and Sustainable at 1:45 on Saturday. Dragon Con costumes are also welcome.

World-Famous Drive Invasion: Drive Invasion is the perfect weekend end before you do set up camp by the pool. It celebrates Atlanta's only drive-in theatre, Starlight Six, as well as bands, movies, and cars. This year, they're celebrating the 1980's... and aliens. Fitting, huh? Check out there full lineup here and Happy Labor Day, friends.

growing pains

At Studioplex in Old Fourth Ward, we are surrounded by growth and, although exciting, it presents a few potential traffic problems that we want our clients to be aware of when arriving to our destination for services: Clients coming from Virginia Highlands and Inman Park may be delayed by the upcoming construction at 280 Elizabeth Street.

On the opposite side, Edgewood Bridge is down, which causes traffic to go through a bit of a maze to get around it. Construction continuing on Dekalb Avenue affects this side of town as well.

The Krog Street Market development at 99 Krog also creates delays in the area.

Lastly, the intersection in front of Studioplex (Lake/Irwin and Sampson/Auburn) is now a four way stop and has a knack for delaying traffic during peak traffic hours.

We know Atlanta traffic can be unpredictable and at times, frustrating, but please keep in mind our late arrival and cancellation policy as well as travel time to and from your service. Please call us if you are running behind or need to cancel - 24 hours notice to cancel or 48 hours is required for prime time appointments!

we are a best of citysearch nominee (and we need your help)

We've been nominated in both the Day Spa and Hair Coloring category for Best of Citysearch Spa & Beauty and we're beaming! Head over to Citysearch to place your vote. We sure would appreciate it. And, well, thank you, Atlanta, for all of your sweet love and support. We couldn't do it without ya! Ready, set, fly!

team hidi update (let's do something extraordinary)

On April 15, our friends Ryan and Jen Hidinger announced that they are moving forward with their new restaurant, Staplehouse. They also excitedly announced their new, purpose-driven direction for the restaurant. Staplehouse will act as the flagship for The Giving Kitchen, an entity whose mission is to provide Atlanta's restaurant and hospitality employees financial relief from medical or other unanticipated hardships. Check out the attached documentary for more details, their story, and to see that Ryan and Jen are two of the most extraordinary cats around.

But Ryan and Jen can't do it alone. They're asking for contributions via Indiegogo and we urge you to head over and check it out. In the words of the Hidinger's themselves, "If you love food, contribute
. If you like good people, contribute. If you hate cancer, contribute. If you effing hate cancer, contribute. If you think Staplehouse will make Atlanta a better place, contribute. If you want to take care of the industry that’s taken care of you, contribute. If you want to make history, contribute. If you like awesome chefs with beards, contribute. If you like to contribute, um, contribute. If you don’t have money to contribute, share."

Let's do this, Atlanta.

meet the birds: amy leavell bransford

We figured it’s about time that you get to know the birds here at the Aviary and who better to start with than owner herself, Amy Leavell Bransford. A “PR girl-in-recovery”, Amy found refuge and true love in opening Aviary in 2009. By bringing her history, personality, and (awesome) style with her, Amy created a place I don’t know what we’d do without. Here are a few of her thoughts on it (what she’s thinking while treating that pretty face of yours included).

You went from PR to skincare, what inspired you to open Aviary? After spending my 20s in a haze of smoky bars and nightclubs, I felt the need to counterbalance with something a little healthier, for mind and body. Plus I have an intense need to fuel my beauty product dependency and because I am also a PR girl-in-recovery, I still think the things that I love you should love, too.

What’s your favorite thing about it? Besides the energy, I love the aesthetic you’ve created (and there has to be a little of you in that). My parents are preservationists and the wood used inside the Aviary was reclaimed from my parents’ tree farm. So there are little hints of my childhood home. There is a piece of wood that faces the kitchen in the salon where obvious years of layers of paint are on it. One of the deepest layers is a mint green that had to only be available in the 50’s. My great-grandmother had her living room (now my parents’ living room) painted that color and the wood was a baseboard there. I like being reminded of that history when I walk by.

This cool, relaxing aesthetic carries over into your treatment room. What do you think about while saving our skin? I am usually planning out what I am going to make for dinner. All kidding set aside, I am constantly thinking about what new products we need to carry (back to the product dependency issue) and services that we should offer and how I can perfect what I am doing in the treatment room. I’ve recently been focusing more on adult acne. Treating and understanding what causes it to occur to women in their 20s, 30s and beyond.

When you’re not working at Aviary (and when you are), you’re a full time wife and mom (to two cuties). What are your favorite Atlanta adventure spots? We live in Inman Park so lately we are on the Beltline every weekend, either by foot or bike. My kids love going the Isamu Noguchi Playscape in Piedmont Park. Outside of town, we like hiking at Arabia Mountain and Sweetwater Creek.

And of course, if you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be? A White-Winged Dove.

our feathered friends: condition kettlebell gym

Forget the cup of sugar… our neighbor brings us a great form of exercise. Founded in 2007, Condition Gym sits in Studioplex and utilizes the kettlebell. We’ve all heard the buzz. The little thing that resembles a cool cannon ball is a great way to get in shape fast. Our very own Amy and Christine have even been head over heels for Condition for a while.

So, we know, exercise is one of those things that we need to do, even want to do, but may not always like to do. This is where kettlebells come in. Originating in Russia, the kettlebell was originally used by the Russian armed forces to train their soldiers. In the 1700s, they were integrated into the Russian Olympics, becoming a point of national pride and symbol of strength. So, needless to say, the art practiced at Condition is intense and powerful. It’s a way to lose weight, gain muscle, and get energized and healthy. The exercise even lowers heart rate and blood pressure all while providing balanced development of all muscle groups. And while the wide range of benefits makes kettlebells a good option for everyone, it’s especially wonderful for those who let their mind wander in a workout and the “I ate a protein bar for lunch” busy. Why? Kettle bells are quick. We’re talking dropping 600-900 calories in 45 minutes quick.

Condition understands the curiosity and wonder surrounding a new workout and Delaine Ross, kettlebell pro and founder of Condition, offers a free consultation along with an awesome introductory workshop for $10 (regularly $47!) with mention of Aviary. They also believe in overall, whole body health and are partnered with Personal Trainer Foods to give you a nutrition kick-start as well. Let’s get healthy!

whole foods meets wholesome wave

We hope you’re hungry! Our friends at Wholesome Wave GA have an event planned that should fill you up. Tomorrow, January 9, they’re teaming up with Whole Foods Market who is donating 5% of all of the day’s proceeds back to Wholesome Wave. With the West Paces Ferry, Ponce, and Briarcliff store on board, you won’t even have to step far out of your way.

So what is Wholesome Wave GA? Well, it’s their mission to increase access to fresh, healthy, locally grown food at producer-only farmers markets in Georgia. And as if that wasn’t enough to make us fall in love, Wholesome Wave does it by doubling every federal or state nutrition benefit (SNAP, WIC, SFMND) dollar spent at their partner markets. This does everything from contribute to the local food economy (yes!), gives leverage to existing government food programs (support!), and encourages shopping local (please!). This also means that your dollar becomes two for both you and the farmer. Their positivity along with their unique financial incentives have brought a lot of growth to Wholesome Wave GA since their start in 2009.

Wholesome Wave is hoping to raise awareness about this event and it’s purpose. What can you do to help? By sharing your shopping list along with the tag #GOODGROCIES on whatever wild social media outlet you fancy, you’ll inspire as well as make a splash. Happy shopping friends!

our feathered friends: BUFF at WAX

WAX, Atlanta’s premier waxing studio, has been an Aviary favorite for a while now with their specialized approach to waxing. This past May, we were thrilled to learn that they were expanding and opening BUFF atop their sweet loft in Inman Park. And you guessed it… BUFF caters to nails (only).

Mod, intimate, and clean, BUFF focuses on providing services in a chic, relaxing environment. The fact that they only use polishes free of harmful chemicals and organic, made in house cuticle oil, was all we needed to ditch the loud, pungent nail salons of the past and take a trip to BUFF.

We are used to the warm welcome of walking into WAX but upstairs, our first taste of BUFF, did not fall short of exceptional. With a custom built communal nail bar and only three pedicure stations, we immediately felt we had entered nail heaven (or something like it). The rainbow of nail polish bottles popped from the sharp, white walls and perhaps the only strain on the whole afternoon was picking THE color. BUFF carries Butter London, RGB, NARS, and Deborah Lippmann. We knew that our hands were well, in good hands. And speaking of being in good hands, BUFF’s Priscilla, Dyanna and Christian, were as sharp as the place itself. They knew their craft inside and out and were fun to be around for our hour plus mani/pedi combo.

While I stuck with a classic red and (surprise) ombre toes, Amy took advantage of BUFF’s gel polish offering (only $15 more and guaranteed to last through everything from rock shows to tree trimming). BUFF also offers nail art if you’re feeling really adventurous. And we recommend at least adventuring over to BUFF soon. I can’t wait to go back and after all, isn’t it the season to treat yourself?

from us to you this thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we want to reach out and thank each of you for loving and supporting the Aviary over the past four years. This past year, growth has been a big theme for us. Merriam Webster’s defines growth as “to spring up and develop to maturity.” We, with your help, are able to do just that. And something we’ve enjoyed is the amount of diversity our growth has brought to us. Our clients are fellow business owners, fathers, lawyers, marathon runners, moms who work in the office and those who work in the home, writers, therapists, designers, bartenders, chiropractors, artists, producers, assistants, caretakers, philanthropists, executives, students, farmers, teachers… the list goes on and on. We learn from you every day and you continue to inspire our work. We look forward to continuing to grow in years to come and we hope you’ll continue to be there with us. So Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. We hope you find some cozy time this week. Love, Your friends at Aviary

jason elliott + satmc 7" release bash

We’re smiling this week in anticipation of Saturday and, more specifically, the release of a very special split 7”.  Spirits of the Melchizedek Children and Order of the Owl have teamed up with local label The Great Big to make your ears tingle.  And Jason Elliott, stylist at the Aviary and lead singer of Spirits will be there to serenade you.  Elliott, a lover of life, creativity, and knowledge, has been with the Aviary for over two years and works magic when it comes to hair.  Spirits of the Melchizedek Children is a project he’s had going for over seven years and is a large part of his life outside of the salon.

And Spirits, being a staple of “local best of” lists as well as a frequent player at Atlanta Music Roundtable and other events, have definitely made a splash.  Founded by Elliott himself, Spirits is now a power troupe featuring locals Chris Case, Joe McNeill, and Bryan Fielden.  Well thought out and cohesive, Elliott’s melodic lullabies will entrance (even charm) you this Saturday.  Here’s a little of what he has to say about it:

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children is quite the (awesome) band name.  Tell me a little about the backstory. Melchizedek has always been a man or thing of mystery. And I love mystery.

There seems to be a lot of anticipation surrounding this release.  What are your feelings on that? I love it! Our last record did well and this is just a sneak peek at what's in store for our next full length.

A lot of this excitement must of come from the splash your album, We Are Here To Save YOU!, made in the Atlanta music scene.  Would you consider LOOK! an extension or departure from this work? I'm a big believer in letting your music change with you and your surroundings. My life has definitely changed since writing our last album. I've always admired listening to a new album that someone or (band) that I enjoy and it sounds different. But different in a good way, progressive and innovative. You can believe what they are doing!

Your 7" is a split with Atlanta's own Order of the Owl.  What's your connection to them? They are good friends. Also we are the yin to their yang.

I always love your album artwork.  What's the story? Amanda K. Emmo has always taken our cover photos. She really knows what to capture in just the few adjectives that I give her. For the 7" I said, "Creamy-Dreamy". She of-course nails it every time.

Any hair hero's in the music world? Klaus Nomi.

The celebration of Order of the Owl and Spirits and the Melchizedek Children’s split 7” release will take place on Saturday, August 4 at 529.  Fellow locals Nigredo will open the show with doors at 9pm.  And admission is $7 but there will also be a Village Pass available which provides entry to both this release as well as The NEC release show at The Earl for $10.  Sounds like a night!  And we can’t wait to see you there.

Join Us In Support of Community Farmers Markets

Dear Friends, We would like to personally reach out to you to join our efforts in support of a few of our favorite things: friendships, food, and farmers markets.

It started with a conversation about community.  As small business owners we have the opportunity to meet and befriend many people, growing a clientele of some of the most fantastic people around.  We share the vision of gathering these people together to cultivate awareness for something meaningful in our community.

Our first effort is a cocktail party to raise funds for Community Farmers Markets’ Double SNAP program.  The Community Farmers Markets organization operates the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market and the Grant Park Farmers Market.  Community Farmers Markets is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and strengthen farmers markets for long-term sustainability and meaningful community impact.  Their vision is to increase access to community- based farmers markets – providing neighborhoods and individuals a safe community space and access to fresh healthy food.  The Double SNAP program allows low-income households who receive food stamps to double their value for use at farmers markets.

Community Farmers Markets are a great asset.  We hope you find this as important and meaningful as we do and can come and support this great organization while experiencing a bite at the new Watershed on Peachtree.  Please see the attached invite for additional information and ticket sales.  We look forward to seeing you on the 14th!


Amy & Myka

Our Feathered Friends - Kristi Hyde, Dr. Hauschka and King of Pops

Oh, I hope you will join us this Friday night for some Studioplex Art Walk fun. We're hosting an event at our end of the courtyard and, as usual, look forward to hosting and toasting friends and hanging out. We'll have champagne and snacks and free popsicles if you get there early enough!