Let's Talk Hair Secrets

Rahua (RA-WA) is a highly potent restorative oil from the Amazon rainforest.  Centuries ago, women of the Quechua-Shuar tribes began to prepare this oil, eventually realizing that they had flawless hair, crediting Rahua for it.  The tradition of harvesting Rahua was passed down until the 1990’s when these women shared their secret with a New York stylist and colorist who was also of Quechua descent.

This story may sound whimsical but the Quechua-Shuar women were on to something and we are so glad they shared it.  Amazon Beauty has built the Rahua Hair Care Collection in partnership with the women from these Amazonian nations.  The collection is organic, free of synthetics, parabens, and sulfates, as well as 100% natural and vegan (Are you picking up what we are into here at the Aviary?).  Amazon Beauty understands the potential of Rahua right down to its molecular structure, the key to the oil.  It penetrates the hair’s cortex instead of coating it like other oils.  This bonds, repairs, and smooths hair.  And it gets better - The Ruhua and other ungurahua oils are sourced and processed by these Amazonian women and men, keeping the traditional methods that have been passed down.

And this sense of tradition is the other key in the Rahua Hair Care Collection.  The process of creating these products is wonderfully ceremonial and ritualistic.  For example, it’s a family affair in the Amazon. Rahua in its original form is a nut and the men venture into the rainforest to find them.  But the women are the only ones allowed to prepare and cook the Rahua after their return.  They also fast one day before beginning the process out of respect and purity of the product.  Check out the video:

The Rahua Hair Care Collection includes shampoo, conditioner, finishing treatment, elixir, volumizing shampoo, volumizing, conditioner, and volumizing conditioner.  Come check it out!  Your locks will appreciate it.