untangle those summer locks (with a mason pearson)

I know the feeling of picking up a Mason Pearson hairbrush, staring at it with longing, and hesitantly placing it back on the shelf as to still be able to eat for the next week.  But the thing is that a Mason Pearson brush is an investment (just like that bag you have your eye on) and with all the care that goes into one, it’s an investment that will last.  So what’s so special about Mason Pearson?

I love that the brushes are not mass-produced and that most of the process is carried out by hand.  Pearson, himself, was a Yorkshire man who moved to London in the mid 1860’s to take a job at the British Steam Brush Works, where the brushes were all made by hand.  There, Pearson invented an automatic brush boring machine (the reason ALL of your brush isn’t made by hand) to speed things up in 1885.  That same year, he invented the “pneumatic” rubber cushion hairbrush which is very similar to today's.  Mason Pearson takes pride in their brushes including the fact that they still produce and sell the original 1885 design complete with unique rubber cushion pad, classic handle, and lasting materials.

And take into account the array of options you have to ensure that you find the perfect brush.  Pearson believes that regular brushing plays an important role in the condition of your hair so being happy with your brush is key.  In total, they come in four sizes, eight colors, and three pads.  The pads have the largest influence on your hair and include Boar Bristle tufts (for fine to normal locks), Boar Bristle and Nylon tufts (for normal to thick locks), and Nylon tufts (for those uber thick locks).

So sure, a Mason Pearson brush is an investment but an investment that will clean your hair, stimulate your scalp, and produce a healthy sheen.  They’re here at the Aviary so come in, talk to one of our stylists and enjoy those healthy locks.  You deserve it!

Thank you, Mother Nature (Network)

A few weeks ago we were visited by Jolene Eyre and the camera crew from Mother Nature Network for an in depth interview about what makes hair color "organic." Watch as Sidney wows their host as well as his client and talks about his hair color of choice for Aviary {organic beauty collective}.