no tricks, just treats: reward yourself with aviary's pumpkin facial

Alright, Atlanta. As you know, it’s pumpkin time. But pumpkin is not only for your porch or pie or, ahem, latte – it’s for your skin. All year around, we love our ALCHEMIST Smart Peel utilizing Sircuit's Youth Accelerator Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, but there’s something about the arrival of fall that makes it even better. And apart from it smelling good enough to eat, it comes loaded with healthy skin benefits.

By smartly targeting the skin’s receptors, the peel aids in getting rid of that icky free radical damage (which results in accelerated aging), and the power is really in the pumpkin. Concentrated pumpkin, or Cucurbita Pepo extract is rich in Beta Carotene and over 100 other nutrients. The other main ingredient, pumpkin ferment or Lactobacillus, works to exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities. All in all? It leaves your skin as vibrant as fall’s blue sky.

As a part of the facial, it’s a sure fire way to deeply cleanse pores, exfoliate and rehydrate. But seriously, don’t go eating it – we have a treat for you. If you show us this blog post upon receiving your Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, you’ll get $10 off, and, if you’re a member of Gilt City Atlanta, you can grab yourself the whole thing for $54 (not to mention the deals on Intraceuticals Rejuvenate + Atoxelene Oxygen Infusions and brow shaping that we’ve thrown in the treat basket as well).

Happy fall, friends!

nyfw hair trends to rock now

New York Fashion Week has a knack for inspiring us to rethink, well, everything. With all of the spring-fueled clothing, accessories and hair that gets sent down the runway, we can’t help it. And while we’re certainly looking forward to the hot cups of joe and big, cozy sweaters on fall’s horizon, we think we’ve caught a little spring 2015 in our step – or at least in our hair. What really stood out to us this past week were the ‘dos the designers choose to represent their collections. Three trends in particular seems to embody what the week was all about, and that’s refined, freeing style. Best of all? We can start rocking them right now.

The Joey Ramone Wig at Marc Jacobs. Photo by The Cut.

If NYFW hung on to anything, it was the loose braid. From the windblown style at Michael Kors to the deconstructed herringbone braid at Suno, the updated classic was everywhere. And awesome every time. Our favorite may have even been the big disheveled braids at Baja East, which hairstylist Kevin Ryan described to Harper’s Bazaar as, “a nod to Peter Lindbergh girls – a girl who has traveled.” Birdlike, huh?

The Disheveled Braid at Baja East. Photo by Harper's Bazaar.

Another updated classic we couldn’t help but love was the bun. Tadashi Shoji sent a braided chignon down the runway, Altuzarra came up with a heart-shaped style and Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein both gravitated towards Japanese-inspired knots.

The Japanese-Inspired Bun at Carolina Herrera. Photo by W Magazine.

And while both braids and buns stood their ground, one trend at NYFW was undeniable, and that’s the major ode the whole thing played to the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. From the hippie inspired frocks at Rebecca Taylor to the punk rock vibes, um, everywhere else, it definitely gave us a wealth of hair ideas. Maybe most notably was the mod mohawk at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, but even the Marc Jacobs show proper paid homage to the era. A tribute to Joey Ramone, the models wore choppy black wigs and no makeup (another trend we can get behind). Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Zac Posen also presented some covetable rock ‘n’ roll vibes.

The Knotted Bun at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Photo via Instagram/@hairdressersjournal.

Time to get that NYFW DIY hair going!

hang on to summer with evo's salty dog cocktail beach spray

The kids are back in school and the sweltering summer heat is sizzling out. And while fall may be on the horizon, we’re not sure that we want summer to end (yet). There’s still plenty of time to soak up the sun, and whether you do so at a last minute trip to the beach or in your backyard, nothing feels quite as lovely as loose, windblown locks. That’s where evo’s Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray comes in.

Comprised of safe ingredients including Magnesium Sulphate (giving your waves that beachy crunch), Hydrogenated Castor Oil (for the tiniest bit of shine) and a handful of other truthful ingredients, the summer spray from our favorite Aussie brand is designed to give your hair what evo calls, “fresh from the beach malleability without having to deal with hostile crowds or riot police.”

And the best part? It’s a lazy girl’s best friend. All you have to do is apply a bit to damp hair, and boom! We can hang on to summer for a little bit longer.

gameface, a guy's moisturizer

Moisturizer is vital when it comes to skincare, and not just for women. That's why this week we're focusing on Gameface Moisturizer from our favorite New Zealand brand Triumph & Disaster. Men generally have oiler skin and larger pores, making them more susceptible to those outdoor elements than they realize, and Gameface is the perfect, masculine combative. It's made of native New Zealand plant haropito, which serves as an antioxidant, wax ester sourced from Mexico, assuring even oil production, and Ponga Fern, the Maori people's key when it came to healing skin after battle. These powerful ingredients, alongside the essential Vitamin E, make for a moisturizer that serves and protects against any element.

And while it's a moisturizer full of strength, it doesn't weigh skin down. Like any good product, Gameface is simple, light and easily absorbed. Triumph & Disaster even calls it "a guy's moisturizer that's better than the girl's ones," but we're not trying to pick a fight.

your summer skin savior

We are all familiar with the failsafe skincare ritual of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing and the daily use of toner can feel like a daunting extra step. So do you really need it? The answer is yes – especially in the coming summer months. Toner is a water-based solution with humectants that work to keep moisture in the upper levels of the skin. In turn, it fights dryness and gives your skin an instant boost of hydration. That’s not all, though. Toner is known to combat chemicals such as chlorine. Summer swims are a necessity when it comes to getting through the Georgia summer and chlorine can sit on your skin long after a splash, drying it out. In contrast to combating dehydrating chemicals, toner enhances your preexisting skincare routine. It consists of ingredients that soothe, control oil (thus fighting acne) and stimulate blood circulation. Applying it pre-moisturizer can multiply these benefits as well as add a protective layer to your skin so you can say goodbye to environmental damage.

Toner is a skin saver when it comes to summer sun and it’s well worth the extra step. We love Dr. HauschkaFacial Toner and Clarifying Toner. Sircuit Cosmeceuticals also boasts two of its own: Molecular Mist and Immaculate Mist. Ready, set, summer skin!

triumph & disaster

New Zealand brand Triumph & Disaster is a men's skincare line that churns out products just as powerful as its name (inspired by a Rudyard Kipling poem none the less). Derived with nature but engineered with science, the brand fits the category of a modern day apothecary. They even have the cool packaging to prove it. Triumph & Disaster has a knack for finding ingredients that work, too. Blending local indigenous ingredients with scientifically proven and natural ingredients from everywhere from Polynesia to Australia, they've created a line of men's essentials. Their products range from peppermint scented Ritual Face Cleanser to close shave ensuring Old-Fashioned Shave Cream.

One of our favorite things about Triumph & Disaster is what is behind the brand (besides the handsome faces it's creating worldwide). Dion Nash founded the company on the simple belief that "ritual and preparation are worthy endeavors and that being well groomed is something of which to be proud." It's about time that men get some skincare loving, too.

Come in and snag your favorite essential or set up a facial to try it out. Here's to Triumph & Disaster, what Kipling called "two impostors just the same."

hand cream for your hair (and hands)

Hand cream for your hair? Absolutely. Our stylists at Aviary have become smitten with a sweet smelling lavender hand cream from Gentle Soapworks of Athens and not just for smoother hands, but for smoother hair. "I love the stuff," says Aviary's Jenn Jones, "It turns fluffy clean hair into 'haven't shampooed in a couple days hair' and leaves the hair feeling soft." Remember, a little daub goes a long way, but unlike watery store brands, the cream is light, made of whipped lavender essential oil and blended with mango, shea and cocoa butters, emulsifying wax, glycerin, cera alba (beeswax), phenonip and stearic acid (for the perfect consistency).

Gentle Soapworks of Athens prides themselves on creating 100% natural, biodegradable and cruelty free products. They're also all made locally in North Georgia – and that's something we'll always support.

Trust us on this one. Your locks (and hands) will thank you.

juniper ridge, scents for the adventurer in all of us

At Aviary, we have a deep love for the natural world. That's one of reasons that we're so excited about our new product line Juniper Ridge. The world's only wild fragrance company, Juniper Ridge creates pure fragrances from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings - all found while fearlessly hiking the back country. With scents named after the adventures themselves - Big Sur, Caruthers Canyon and Cascade Glacier to name a few - Juniper Ridge is both a unique concept and company. But what really sets them apart from the rest of the fragrance industry is their process. Juniper Ridge distills their colognes and perfumes, meaning that they handle every step of the process, from beginning to end. It always begins with hiking, capturing the smell of a particular wind or road or whisky-fueled campfire, and ends with a scent or harvest. Every product that comes out of Juniper Ridge's small workshop in Oakland, CA is so cared for that it's assigned a harvest number documenting everything from the plants that make up the fragrance to who collected them (go here to learn more about your bottle).

Declaring themselves hikers above all else, the folks at Juniper Ridge donate 10% of profits to various wilderness groups, in a mission to "keep the west coast wild" (and smelling sweet). Whether in the form of their signature cabin spray, cologne, perfume or incense, Juniper Ridge allows you to bring a little of the wilderness home.

bkr water bottles, our newest obsession

At last, spring has sprung. Days full of beltline walks, swimming pools and patio drinks are so close that we can almost reach out and touch them. The sun isn’t your only pal come warmer days, though. And that’s where our newest obsession bkr water bottles come in. An ode to all things beautiful, bkr water bottles are for the simple, stylish and sustainable, against a disposable world and the chemicals that come along with it. As bkr founders Tal and Kate put it, “We were intelligent, fashion-obsessed, cultured women who were drinking out of cheap, disposable plastic water bottles. It didn't compute, but we were addicted. We searched and couldn't find a reusable water bottle we loved.” But that’s one problem we have no longer. These luxe little bottles are comprised of “clean bubbly glass and soft silicone” and feel more like the catwalk than a campground.

Why’s this so different, though? Well, the bottle itself is soda-lime glass, the sleeve and gasket are made of simple silicone and the cap is of food-grade polypropylene. All of these materials are BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved and 100% recyclable. What’s super cool for the fashion minded is that bkr’s chic collections are released only twice a year, taking cues from fashion week and paying attention to what’s going on for both the bottle and world.

Another one of our favorite things about bkr is that their love of water extends to an overall love of humanity. For every bottle bought (and loved), a portion of proceeds goes to combating the global water crisis as well as the ongoing battle against cancer through organizations Obakki Foundation and Canary Foundation.

Rumor as it that it’s bad news to cheers with water, but we don’t think so in this case. Here’s to bkr! Thanks for making the world a bit more beautiful and for providing our newest (and healthiest) addiction.

true love is an oxygen facial

Thanks to Karina Timmel and The Atlantan for including us in this month's "Beauty Boosts." After Karina came in for an oxygen facial (she went with the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate + Instant Infusion with Atoxelene treatment), she fell in love – you know, just in time for Valentine's Day. Head over here to book yours. See you soon!

our feathered friends: dana hazels seith goes behind the scenes at the clermont lounge

Ah, The Clermont Lounge. We all know it, love it or are at least curious about it. After all, it's an Atlanta landmark. Unchanged since it opened its doors in 1965, The Clermont has attracted visitors both near and far as well as has given them all stories to take home. What they haven't been able to take home, though, is photos. The venue has held a strict "no cameras" policy – until now. Our friend and writer Dana Hazels Seith along with photographer Artem Nazarov and designer Ryan Wood were given an all-access pass to document the legendary Atlanta dive, creating the artfully produced, conversation starting coffee table book No Cameras: The Clermont Lounge (available here). Here's a little peak at Dana's experience: So owners Tracey Brown and Kathi Martin commissioned you with this idea? Will you tell us a little about your reaction to such an interesting project? Had you known them previously?

I heard they were looking for someone to document their story (visually and with text). I was overwhelmed at first, both with the subject and just agreeing to such a tremendous task of spearheading: Finding a publisher, conducting interviews, researching, writing. I never met either Kathi or Tracey (or been inside the Clermont Lounge) prior to my role in the project. They are both amazing women and I’m proud to call them friends.

This was a collaborative effort as you worked alongside photographer Artem Nazarov and designer Ryan Wood. Have you working collaboratively before during your career as a writer? What was your experience?

I have worked collaboratively before, but never to this degree. Going from concept to book form is a massive undertaking and I’m grateful I was naive enough to go for it with all I had, but writing is just one component of what made this project. Photography from Artem and design from Ryan (both whom PC Press, my publisher, provided) completed the bigger picture, so to speak.

It must have been quite the adventure having an "all-access pass" to such a landmark/slice of history. Do you have any interesting stories you could share?

It was an adventure. So many memories and stories – too many to count, actually – some funny, some sad, some disappointing, some hilarious. It was a wild ride and one I’m very grateful for.

They say you'll never forget a night at the Clermont Lounge. Name one thing you'll never forget about the experience.

It’s not really one night, per se, but I’ll never forget the ladies who work there. They make the Clermont the Clermont and honestly, no amount of words or photographs in a book could fully do what they do justice.

My advice: Go. Tip generously. And have a night you’ll always remember.

What's next for you?

Like most working mothers, perfecting the art of doing what I love while trying to spend quality time with my family is top priority. I’ll always write in some capacity and continue to run my communications firm, danapop. But now that this project is done and there’s a tangible book, I think I can finally exhale a bit.

And lastly, if you were a bird, which bird would you be?

Ooh – this is tough, but I’d say an Osprey. They are birds of prey (often called sea hawks), ocean-dwellers favoring the coast, have a keen sense of vision, and an interesting ability to change their wing joints to adapt their surroundings (thanks, Wikipedia!).

I’d like to think I’m most of those things: smart, able to be flexible when needed, a strong sense of direction and internal compass, and someone drawn to the sea.

last-minute gift guide (don't worry, we've got ya covered)

As always, Christmas has snuck up on us and it being a mere week away doesn't mean we've got all of our gifts to give under the tree. Don't fret, though. We have something to bring a smile to everyone on your list. We promise. For the skin conscious - This is an easy one thanks to Clarisonic. The skin cleansing system who boasts the mantra, "Clearer skin is healthier skin," has been a favorite of ours for awhile. It works by using a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, which, in turn, removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt than our hands ever could. There are options, too, with the Clarisonic Pro (perfect for the queen bee – as it is one itself – and is only available through estheticians), the Mia 2 (Pro's baby sister is the pick for the globe-trotter, complete with a handy travel case), the Clarisonic Opal (palm-sized and designed to help around the eyes) and the Clarisonic Face and Body (the ultimate all-over skin treat).

For the lock lover - A Mason Pearson hairbrush is one object every woman longs for. After all, we know the feeling. The not mass-produced, coveted brush originated in London in 1885 and hasn't changed much since – meaning it's an investment that will last for Christmases to come. The brushes come in four sizes, eight colors and three pads including Boar Bristle (for fine to normal locks), Boar Bristle and Nylon (for normal to thick locks) and Nylon (for those super thick locks) and promises to clean hair, stimulate the scalp and produce a healthy sheen. Yes, please, Santa.

For the one who has it all - Sometimes gift cards get a bad rap, but there's nothing bad about treating someone awesome to a hair cut or color, massage, facial or waxing complete with a therapist who will customize each treatment to address specific needs and wants. It'll even score them one of our favorite above mention gifts – without the stress of picking it out. And to that, we cheers the season of giving.

holiday locks for the win

'Tis the season for holiday parties and there's one thing that's more important than that dish you made (or secretly bought) - your 'do. Not to mention that it's what's beside your newly oxygen treated skin. That's why we've rounded up a few of our favorites from all over the web. Let the parties begin! Anthropologie always gets our hearts in a knot, but especially in this year's Holiday catalog. It boasts natural waves with a necessary holiday sparkle. Our friends over at Allure recommend using a one-and-a-quarter-inch curling iron to create loose party waves. Just curl small sections all over and as you release them, pin them against your head for five to ten minutes. Once they've cooled off, brush them out with a boar-bristle brush (our favorite is Mason Pearson) and set with spray. For that sparkle, grab a fun barette. It'll allow for a little extra hold, too.

Next up is the super-easy triple braid from Cupcakes & Cashmere. It's simple, clean yet just messy enough. Not to mention it can be achieved in a mere five minutes. Late, no more! Head over to C&C for the full step by step on this one.

If your party calls for well, a bit more, we're in love with Refinery29's un-boring bun, which takes a good ol' classic up a notch. Just pull your locks into a low pony, divide it into two equal sections and braid each into a easy three-strand braid. Secure with an elastic then use your fingers to mess up those tidy braids a bit. Twist the two braid together and secure again, this time wrapping the double braid around itself to create your bun. Pin and voila! You may even want to reuse that Anthropologie inspired barrette again, too.

give thanks for great skin (our new favorite treatment)

We’re so excited to introduce you to Intraceuticals, our new line and oxygen facial. Often referred to as a “magic beauty machine”, the Intraceuticals oxygen machine and serums encourage natural, hydrated and luminous skin. Ready? The Aussie brand was pulled out from down under by Madonna’s go-to makeup artist Gina Brooke, so it’s no surprise that it’s a Hollywood favorite (and best kept secret - until now). Celebrities such as Molly Sims, Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe claim they can’t live without it. Not to mention Justin Timberlake’s honest testimonial, “It makes my skin look dope”. We’re just glad it’s not so under the radar anymore.

Why is the treatment just so coveted, though? Intraceuticals provides a new kind of oxygen treatment. First off, a techy machine uses oxygen under pressure to deliver a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants into the skin, resulting in instant hydration, volume, firmness and a noticeable lift. Relaxing and beneficial even solo, the treatment is followed by the homecare application of the brand's three-step hyaluronic moisturizing system – revive, replenish, and protect. In the session, the products are layered to provide perfect hydrodynamics, resulting in deep and ongoing delivery of hydration as well as those ingredient perks.

We’re also offering rejuvenate with atoxelene or “no-tox botox”, so go ahead and get a jump on saying goodbye to those fine lines and wrinkles. Atoxelene uses a natural amino peptide to reduce wrinkle depth without the need for injections. Atoxelene is offered as a standalone or add-on to the Rejuvenate treatment.

Oxygen on its own has endless healing properties and Intraceuticals just bumps that up a notch. While it targets aging and dehydrated skin, it benefits every skin type and we’re especially smitten with its speedy results (more defined face contours right off the table, anyone?) Head over to our website for pricing information as well as to talk with our estheticians about the best options for your skin.

Let the social season begin!

nyfw beauty trends to give a go now

Let us turn our attention from the elaborate Dragon Con ensembles and makeup of the past week to what's happening in the fine city of New York. Sure, New York Fashion Week is showing us what's to come next spring, but what's to say we can't go ahead and give these emerging beauty trends a whirl? Its all got to do with lips and this fashion week, they're candy colored, especially when it comes to the orange variety. While it may not mean that we're trading in our beloved red sour patch kid for an orange one, it may mean we're trading in the classic red lip – just a little. Bubblegum pink and cherry red are also on the menu.

Grunge and glamour are the key words when it comes to hair. Alexander Wang sent natural, but voluminous waves down the runway which he achieved by blow drying the locks 75% then misting on some texture (Evo Mister Fantastic Texture Spray will do). Then, Rebecca Minkoff proved braids aren't going anywhere by drawing inspiration from our favorite Frida Kahlo. The roughed up, braided headbands the models wore were created by plaiting three ponytails into four strand braids and wrapping them around the head before loosely pinning them into place. Chunky top knots and low, textured pony's also carried fashion week's grunge and glamour tone.

Nails also continue to be on the rise. We can't wait to visit our friends at BUFF to try Ruffian's updated nude nail which were edged with shades like violet, red and army green and Tess Giberson's grungy nail. The distressed nails were created by applying one dark coat, which was immediately wiped away leaving only a bit of polish around the cuticle. Funky enough, right?

we are a best of citysearch nominee (and we need your help)

We've been nominated in both the Day Spa and Hair Coloring category for Best of Citysearch Spa & Beauty and we're beaming! Head over to Citysearch to place your vote. We sure would appreciate it. And, well, thank you, Atlanta, for all of your sweet love and support. We couldn't do it without ya! Ready, set, fly!

our feathered friends: tonya sherman of gypsy recon

You know the chair that sits to the right of the desk at Aviary? You can't miss it. Embroidered and perfect, it's easy to sink into while you wait for your service. But like all favorite chairs, it had some wear and tear. We've been talking about getting it reupholstered for well... about a year, but nothing ever seemed quite right. That was until Amy was on one of her strolls along the beltline and stumbled into Paris on Ponce where Tonya Sherman of Gypsy Recon had a booth. She knew pretty much immediately that she had found her "person".

Tonya grew up around a grandmother who crafted everything from clothing to quilts and a mother who had an knack for antiques and making stained glass. Through her upbringing and countless trips to estate sales and vintage markets, she developed an intense passion for antiques and vintage goods as well as an impeccable eye for the potential and beauty in these things. Originally, Tonya pursued this passion through gaining a BFA in Fashion Design, but after her skills in sewing, pattern making, and textiles were honed, she started working as a photo stylist. Later, she went back to school for interior design. Could there be a better recipe for a vintage and home restoration business? And Gypsy Recon was born.

Tonya's motto is, "If you have an idea, let's talk about it," and that just shows her continued love of her career. Inspired by nature and Bohemian culture, she does everything from redesign to refurnishing and painting of tables, lamps, etc. She also reupholsters, which is the treatment our beloved chair got, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Neutral shades with a black frame and piping, our new chair even showcases a hidden deer on the chair-back! We invite you to come sit in it soon as well as to check Gypsy Recon out for yourself. After all, special pieces can make a room.

meet the birds: amy leavell bransford

We figured it’s about time that you get to know the birds here at the Aviary and who better to start with than owner herself, Amy Leavell Bransford. A “PR girl-in-recovery”, Amy found refuge and true love in opening Aviary in 2009. By bringing her history, personality, and (awesome) style with her, Amy created a place I don’t know what we’d do without. Here are a few of her thoughts on it (what she’s thinking while treating that pretty face of yours included).

You went from PR to skincare, what inspired you to open Aviary? After spending my 20s in a haze of smoky bars and nightclubs, I felt the need to counterbalance with something a little healthier, for mind and body. Plus I have an intense need to fuel my beauty product dependency and because I am also a PR girl-in-recovery, I still think the things that I love you should love, too.

What’s your favorite thing about it? Besides the energy, I love the aesthetic you’ve created (and there has to be a little of you in that). My parents are preservationists and the wood used inside the Aviary was reclaimed from my parents’ tree farm. So there are little hints of my childhood home. There is a piece of wood that faces the kitchen in the salon where obvious years of layers of paint are on it. One of the deepest layers is a mint green that had to only be available in the 50’s. My great-grandmother had her living room (now my parents’ living room) painted that color and the wood was a baseboard there. I like being reminded of that history when I walk by.

This cool, relaxing aesthetic carries over into your treatment room. What do you think about while saving our skin? I am usually planning out what I am going to make for dinner. All kidding set aside, I am constantly thinking about what new products we need to carry (back to the product dependency issue) and services that we should offer and how I can perfect what I am doing in the treatment room. I’ve recently been focusing more on adult acne. Treating and understanding what causes it to occur to women in their 20s, 30s and beyond.

When you’re not working at Aviary (and when you are), you’re a full time wife and mom (to two cuties). What are your favorite Atlanta adventure spots? We live in Inman Park so lately we are on the Beltline every weekend, either by foot or bike. My kids love going the Isamu Noguchi Playscape in Piedmont Park. Outside of town, we like hiking at Arabia Mountain and Sweetwater Creek.

And of course, if you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be? A White-Winged Dove.

it's just... lavish.

Remember last week when we explored One Love Organic’s master product, Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm? Well, this week we’re exploring another product that could be included under the master category (just like Michelangelo or Raphael). It’s Lavish by Sircuit and again, we’re in awe.

The multi-use therapeutic dry oil is a face, body, and hair godsend. With NINE of the most precious oils (Grapeseed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Organic Borage Oil, Arctic Cranberry Oil, Cloudberry Oil, Bitter Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil, Neem Oil), Lavish nourishes, protects, and smooths every inch of the body. These oils also combat signs of aging, improve the appearance of scars and strechmarks, and can be used on dry hair for spilt end and general damage control. And this wide range of benefits relates to the wide range of possibilities Sircuit brings to the table with Lavish. It is suitable for every age and can tackle woes all year around. How cool is that?

And if that isn’t enough, Allure Magazine’s Beauty Reporter pointed out five more reasons dry oil may take place of every product ever (ever). It can remove everything from mascara to eye shadow without stripping skin, tame frizz and flyaways, naturally highlight cheekbones and shoulders, and when added to liquid foundation, it can make it more hydrating and sheer. One simple idea I really liked was to dab a little on your wrist as perfume (Lavish comes complete with an almond scent to swoon over). And as always, Sircuit has produced a product that’s free of artificial preservatives, colors, fragrance, and cruelty. Get ready to glow.

your new bff

Are you sitting down? For something this exciting you may want to be. That’s right… all beauty woes have been solved. It’s called Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm, the brainchild of One Love Organics. And it’s because this magic balm poses the question, “what isn’t it?” Multitasking as a hair tamer, illuminizer, make up remover, moisturizer, pomade, primer for mineral powder, and skin soother, this 3.5 oz. jar does it all.

Skin Savior is made up 100% natural ingredients including pure, cold pressed plant oils, mango butter, and three critical extracts (chia seed, oat, and vanilla) that break down and cleanse without stripping the skin’s natural protective layer as well as smell quite lovely. And… it’s waterless. One Love Organics believes in kissing mystery products goodbye and only includes ingredients with direct benefits (H2O not included). Everything about it really just comes down to lovely…

The brand, One Love Organics, takes pride in their sensitive, simple approach to beauty. They hand make and hand fill every product right down to Skin Savior. But beauty for One Love isn’t just skin deep. Ethically and environmentally driven, they are accredited by PETA and Green America Approved Business as well as donate 1% of their annual net revenue to organizations such as CARE and The Children’s Scholarship Fund. And as if we haven’t found our well, one love, everyone from The Zoe Report to Birchbox has praised Skin Savior. Amy especially believes in it for winter chapped skin and with Atlanta finally (maybe) getting a dose of winter, we are in perfect time!