The Story of Cosmetics: What She Said

This is one of the funnest and compelling little viral video pieces that I have seen in a long time. I don't have much to add, other than if you need help finding some good non-toxic products to replace the bad ones in your makeup bag, then you should book some time with your favorite Aviary therapist or stylist. We always aim to educate, not just sell products.

Better Know a Neighborhood - Old 4th Ward

Aviary is located in Old 4th Ward, which is also home to Ebenezer Baptist Church. Our city councilman (we love Kwanza Hall around here) is interviewed in this video about our historic neighborhood. An interesting side note - this video was filmed and produced by my husband, Steve Bransford. This video, among 4 others, will be shown at the Congress for New Urbanism which will be held in Atlanta in May.

Thank you, Mother Nature (Network)

A few weeks ago we were visited by Jolene Eyre and the camera crew from Mother Nature Network for an in depth interview about what makes hair color "organic." Watch as Sidney wows their host as well as his client and talks about his hair color of choice for Aviary {organic beauty collective}.