feathered faves: kelly painter

You know how we feel about Intraceuticals (best thing ever.) When we first introduced the line at Aviary, we were smitten with both the in-spa benefits including the infamous oxygen facial, as well as the accompanying products. Intraceuticals’ magic spreads far beyond the treatment room, and that’s especially great for summer. Whether it’s a spring break getaway or a bachelorette weekend, we’re sure you have a vacation or two on the horizon. But, since a wild weekend or busy trip can wreak havoc on the skin, it’s important to take care of yourself on the road. That’s where Intraceuticals comes in. In our first installment of staff picks, we asked esthetician Kelly Painter her go-to product, and nod in agreement when she chose the essentials travel kit from Intraceuticals.

The travel kit has Intraceuticals’ philosophy on lockdown: revive, replenish, repeat. First, Rejuvenate Daily Serum sets deep hydration in motion, protecting you from dry vacation heat, as well as creating a canvas for later makeup application. The second product, Rejuvenate Hydration Gel, keeps the hydration going, and works with the Daily Serum to reduce signs of aging. And, the last goodie in the kit is Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream, which protects against free radicals (from here, to California to France), nourishes the skin and defends it throughout the day.

So, in celebration of upcoming vacations and healthy skin everywhere, Kelly is offering a facial deal alongside her pick. Mention this post to receive 10% off a facial with Kelly, or 20% for her first time clients. It’s just another way to say we appreciate you!

true love is an oxygen facial

Thanks to Karina Timmel and The Atlantan for including us in this month's "Beauty Boosts." After Karina came in for an oxygen facial (she went with the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate + Instant Infusion with Atoxelene treatment), she fell in love – you know, just in time for Valentine's Day. Head over here to book yours. See you soon!

the oxygen facial deconstructed: rejuvenate daily serum

The magic of the Intraceuticals oxygen facial continues to woo us with the way that it immediately encourages more naturally hydrated and luminous skin. Because of this, we found it only right to dig in to what makes the treatment just so special – starting with the rejuvenate serum. The serum is, of course, a vital part of treatment, but it can also stand alone as a daily serum – even making the time in between facials that much more awesome. By delivering anti-aging ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E, green tea, panthenol (a provitamin of B5), squalane (a natural moisturizer) and a hyaluronic complex (sent from the tissue repair gods), the serum lifts, tones and hydrates. In turn, both skin's texture and vitality is improved in a poof. Because of these results, the rejuvenate serum is recommended to well, everyone – especially those battling dryness or those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

We suggest applying the serum to face and neck at night as well as in the morning as it creates the ideal canvas for makeup application. So, whether of not you've experienced the coveted oxygen facial first hand, the rejuvenate serum stands proudly on it's own.

give thanks for great skin (our new favorite treatment)

We’re so excited to introduce you to Intraceuticals, our new line and oxygen facial. Often referred to as a “magic beauty machine”, the Intraceuticals oxygen machine and serums encourage natural, hydrated and luminous skin. Ready? The Aussie brand was pulled out from down under by Madonna’s go-to makeup artist Gina Brooke, so it’s no surprise that it’s a Hollywood favorite (and best kept secret - until now). Celebrities such as Molly Sims, Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe claim they can’t live without it. Not to mention Justin Timberlake’s honest testimonial, “It makes my skin look dope”. We’re just glad it’s not so under the radar anymore.

Why is the treatment just so coveted, though? Intraceuticals provides a new kind of oxygen treatment. First off, a techy machine uses oxygen under pressure to deliver a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants into the skin, resulting in instant hydration, volume, firmness and a noticeable lift. Relaxing and beneficial even solo, the treatment is followed by the homecare application of the brand's three-step hyaluronic moisturizing system – revive, replenish, and protect. In the session, the products are layered to provide perfect hydrodynamics, resulting in deep and ongoing delivery of hydration as well as those ingredient perks.

We’re also offering rejuvenate with atoxelene or “no-tox botox”, so go ahead and get a jump on saying goodbye to those fine lines and wrinkles. Atoxelene uses a natural amino peptide to reduce wrinkle depth without the need for injections. Atoxelene is offered as a standalone or add-on to the Rejuvenate treatment.

Oxygen on its own has endless healing properties and Intraceuticals just bumps that up a notch. While it targets aging and dehydrated skin, it benefits every skin type and we’re especially smitten with its speedy results (more defined face contours right off the table, anyone?) Head over to our website for pricing information as well as to talk with our estheticians about the best options for your skin.

Let the social season begin!