leaving the nest: salon vagabond

Dear Aviary & Salon Vagabond Clients, Transitions can be a challenge. But when handled gracefully, they can also pave way for something beautiful, a change necessary in order to grow.

Please join us in celebrating our time with Salon Vagabond. Over the next two months, Sidney, and then Jenn, will move on to begin a new adventure. Sidney and Jenn have built the foundation for a business at the Aviary and will move on to a neutral space to conceptualize it. They are two of the most talented stylists and friends that I have worked with and, though I’m sad to see them go, I am also excited to see what lies ahead for them.

Aviary is a wonderful and supportive place to evolve, an incubator for growth and talent in the beauty and wellness industry…and we have grown immensely with your support over the last five and a half years. We are excited about the future of the Aviary and what next great talent that we will be able to foster and work with.

Love always,

Amy (with Jenn, Sidney, Christine, Kelly & Hannah)

PS: Sidney and Jenn’s clients should expect to see a follow-up email from them about their future home.


Ah, there’s that Georgia heat we know and love. While the dryness our skin and hair experiences Winter and the transition of Spring may have faded, heat brings a whole other set of changes. Stuff just builds up, whether on our hair or in the pores of our skin, and sometimes we just need a fresh start. How exactly to combat these new oils is the tricky part. Luckily, it’s Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo’s specialty.

Clarifying shampoo is vital in restoring health and shine when hair just feels down and in need of a (literal) lift. Number 4 has scented their clarifying shampoo with white freesia, golden amber, and warm musk, making you and your hair feel up. Stress, though, can come from associating clarifying with stripping, especially for those with colored hair. But Number 4 has formulated theirs so that it doesn’t strip moisture or color - pretty cool! The ingredients put into making it all work aren’t short on awesome either. Black currants and soy provide vibrancy, acai berry and vitamin c act as an anti-oxidant, and lemongrass and oatmeal cleanses and purifies. And remember, clarifying shampoo only needs to be used weekly so look at it as an opportunity to treat your self. It can also be looked at as a vital step in your routine for those sunny days filled with chlorine, salt water, and hard water from vacation homes and swimming pools.

It’s natural for new seasons to bring new sensations and Georgia has a tendency to bring a heavy summer. But with Number 4 by your side, we promise you’ll be ready to dive in.