One of our favorite things about our work, is the opportunity to shed light on products, services and practitioners we adore. This time, we’ve teamed up with Myka Harris & WAX to produce a 3- part series of workshops with our favorite healer: Julie Ann Travis. A shamanic practitioner, Julie works with stone medicine and energy healing.  She has been a huge transformational presence in both our lives.  

SPACE & BEAUTY is designed to cleanse, ground and recharge every aspect of your life. Join us for the whole series or just a part. Sessions are $45 each or $120 for the series.


Below is a brief description of each 1.5 hour workshop.

June 20, 2016 Strawberry Full Moon 7-8:30pm


-Learn how to connect with your personal luminous energy field (LEF)

-Brief overview of the chakras (organs of the LEF)

-How to maintain a healthy and balanced energy body through practices of breathwork, spritzing (spirit water), setting boundaries, stones, smudge, intentions, bath, grounding and recharging on the Earth, all rooted in love

July 19, 2016 Full Moon 7-8:30pm


-Clearing stagnant energies within the home (smudging, spritz, prayer)

-Smudging the home space, which stones are most beneficial to what areas of the home

-Protection for the home space

-Building an elemental altar (personal or ancestral) space

September 1, 2016 New Moon Time TBD


-Alignment and balance with our relationship to the land we live on

-Creating a mandala

-Cleansing Fire Ceremony

We’re really excited about this series and can’t wait to go on this journey with you! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or for more info: Amy at Aviary or Myka at WAX.

You can learn more about Julie and BOOK HERE

our feathered friends: BUFF at WAX

WAX, Atlanta’s premier waxing studio, has been an Aviary favorite for a while now with their specialized approach to waxing. This past May, we were thrilled to learn that they were expanding and opening BUFF atop their sweet loft in Inman Park. And you guessed it… BUFF caters to nails (only).

Mod, intimate, and clean, BUFF focuses on providing services in a chic, relaxing environment. The fact that they only use polishes free of harmful chemicals and organic, made in house cuticle oil, was all we needed to ditch the loud, pungent nail salons of the past and take a trip to BUFF.

We are used to the warm welcome of walking into WAX but upstairs, our first taste of BUFF, did not fall short of exceptional. With a custom built communal nail bar and only three pedicure stations, we immediately felt we had entered nail heaven (or something like it). The rainbow of nail polish bottles popped from the sharp, white walls and perhaps the only strain on the whole afternoon was picking THE color. BUFF carries Butter London, RGB, NARS, and Deborah Lippmann. We knew that our hands were well, in good hands. And speaking of being in good hands, BUFF’s Priscilla, Dyanna and Christian, were as sharp as the place itself. They knew their craft inside and out and were fun to be around for our hour plus mani/pedi combo.

While I stuck with a classic red and (surprise) ombre toes, Amy took advantage of BUFF’s gel polish offering (only $15 more and guaranteed to last through everything from rock shows to tree trimming). BUFF also offers nail art if you’re feeling really adventurous. And we recommend at least adventuring over to BUFF soon. I can’t wait to go back and after all, isn’t it the season to treat yourself?