no-labor day

Labor Day (or no-labor day) calls for a break and Atlanta boasts a few more options than spending the day at the pool. Here's what we're doing: Dragon Con: It's okay to unleash you inner nerd every once in a while. Atlanta's yearly convention of all things fantasy and sci-fi is the largest of its kind. It's silly to miss (even if you could). Besides, word on the street is that William Shatner's going to be there. Dragon Con kicks off with the paradeSaturday.

AJC Decatur Book Festival: Saturday also means the 8th Annual AJC Decatur Book Festival. A community based non-profit, the festival brings everything but the reading glasses. We can't wait for Amy Leavell Bransford's pop, environmentalist, author and music man Chuck Leavell to speak on his book, Growing a Better America: Smart, Strong and Sustainable at 1:45 on Saturday. Dragon Con costumes are also welcome.

World-Famous Drive Invasion: Drive Invasion is the perfect weekend end before you do set up camp by the pool. It celebrates Atlanta's only drive-in theatre, Starlight Six, as well as bands, movies, and cars. This year, they're celebrating the 1980's... and aliens. Fitting, huh? Check out there full lineup here and Happy Labor Day, friends.