happy mother's day from aviary

If there’s one thing we should celebrate, it’s mom. First, you wouldn’t be here without her (literally). Secondly, well, there’s just too many to count. From feeding you to loving you, she’s always been there, and that’s a reason to stop and take a moment. This year, we’re thinking of giving back to mom in the form of a little rest and relaxation. Whether it’s gifting a haircut to the woman who probably gave you your first (bowl shape not included), or a few minutes of solitude via a facial or massage, at Aviary, we have gift cards available for it all. Because, think about it, if anyone deserves a treat, it’s her.

Mothers, of course, take all different forms, too—from grandmas to role models to mother earth herself. So, whatever mom means to you, mark off Sunday, May 10 for her. We have. In the words of Mr. T, “She's a queen. Second to none. Take care of Mother. You only get one.”