we love emi-jay (and these lust worthy hair ideas)

Recently, we stumbled upon two videos from Reagan Baker AKA Hairdresser on Fire, a New York City blogger and hairstylist. These sunny and youthful videos focus on Emi-Jay’s new headbands and provide lust worthy hair ideas in a quick three minutes. Ready?

Emi-Jay’s multi-strand beaded headband is a fun, different approach to their usual, simple aesthetic. It steps it up to glam and Baker takes it from a necklace to a bracelet to a cool top knot scrunch. One of our favorites with the beaded headband is how it can be incorporated with a braid. And with its many strands you can even tangle the beads throughout whatever style you choose.

Next, Baker creates the Hippie Halo by taking one of their classic headbands and twisting your hair around it. It’s loose, playful, and free (and suitable for a bike ride).