Sizzling Hot Summer Hair


From taming frizz to fighting flatness, summer hair care has its challenges. Perfect for festivals, travel or just romping around the city, stay cool with this easy summer ‘do.

  • Mist with Davines Sea Salt Spray
  • Tease your hair at the root to add oomph.
  • Sweep bangs to one side, and pull the rest of your locks back by loosely braiding a few sections into a low pony.
  • Secure with a hair elastic. Gently pull apart sections of the braids to achieve a lived in look.
  • Wrap one strand around the pony base to hide the hair elastic. Smooth with Davines Oi Oil to add shine and tame flyways.

More about Davines: We're in love with this boutique brand founded in Parma, Italy. Davines is all about smart sustainability. They  work closely with small family farms in Italy to grow their ingredients! Their line includes everything from shampoo and conditioner to treatment and styling. Swing by and check it out.

from platinum to fiery, just in time for fall

Winter is quickly approaching but there is still time for changing color. We want to show off a major fall transformation on our assistant, Sheena. In three steps, hairstylist Jenni Renshaw took Sheena from platinum blonde to fiery copper red (new fringe included). Sheena started as a platinum blonde with about 1.5” of natural regrowth, so, to fill in the ends (non-pigmented hair), she added a filler color to establish a neutral base. The second step involved root to end with filler #2 to even out the tone and porosity and to add the depth needed for the vibrant end result. In the final step, for added dimension and shine, Jenni used Davines Finest Pigments Copper plus clear glaze. The addition of fringe was a last minute decision that turned out to be the perfect thing to compliment Sheena’s new look. Check out the end result below, and book an appointment for yourself here.

from brassy to classy: color therapy for brighter days

Sometimes all you need is a little color therapy, especially when fall and winter skies leave many days gray and overcast. But fear not—Aviary stylist Jenni Snyder Renshaw is a pro at brightening things up. Recently, Shannon came to us with brassy ends and wanted a color correction to achieve the more blended brighter and lighter tones she desired. Jenni used Minu shampoo and conditioner plus Minu Mask to repair ends and blew out/styled her hair with Melu Heat protector and finished using Oi Oil on the ends. Check out the change in the photo below, and here's to brighter (not brassy) days. Book your appointment here.

bangs, not botox

We all felt that slight chill in the air this week, welcoming the transition from summer to fall. And, with such a welcome transition, comes the perfect time for change—whether it's switching out that iced latte for a streaming americano, or a new 'do. Aviary esthetician Kelly Painter welcomed the cool weather this week, warming up her summer look by adding bangs. Bangs have always been a surefire way to give your look a lift (literally), and Kelly's frame her face in just the right way.

Jenni Snyder Renshaw, Aviary's newest stylist, recommends using Davines Relaxing Fluid on damp hair to tame side swept bangs. Blow dry with a vented or paddle brush in the opposite direction your fringe will lay. Then, spritz some Davines Invisible No Gas Spray on the brush, and smooth hair back in to place. We can't help but say bangs, not botox to lift you into fall. Schedule your next appointment here.

hand cream for your hair (and hands)

Hand cream for your hair? Absolutely. Our stylists at Aviary have become smitten with a sweet smelling lavender hand cream from Gentle Soapworks of Athens and not just for smoother hands, but for smoother hair. "I love the stuff," says Aviary's Jenn Jones, "It turns fluffy clean hair into 'haven't shampooed in a couple days hair' and leaves the hair feeling soft." Remember, a little daub goes a long way, but unlike watery store brands, the cream is light, made of whipped lavender essential oil and blended with mango, shea and cocoa butters, emulsifying wax, glycerin, cera alba (beeswax), phenonip and stearic acid (for the perfect consistency).

Gentle Soapworks of Athens prides themselves on creating 100% natural, biodegradable and cruelty free products. They're also all made locally in North Georgia – and that's something we'll always support.

Trust us on this one. Your locks (and hands) will thank you.