winter weather getting your hair down?

Between the chilly air and excessive blow drying hair can start to fall into the brittle, heat-damaged category. Don't fear though friends. EVO, our favorite Aussi hair team, has it covered. They have created a product that they refer to as a solution when it comes to the day “you've just washed your hair and you're dreading the next three days of baby-haired-mopville.” Say goodbye to “mopville”… Evo’s Haze Styling Powder is here.

New York Magazine is also obsessed calling the powder a “palm sized antidote” for limp locks aka the flop and boosts volume at the roots without making hair stiff. It’s also unscented, lightweight, and super fine. But what really made our hearts fall is the fact that Haze has an oil-absorbing effect which allows it to (drum roll please) double as a dry shampoo. This means an extra day or two between washes, which we know will lift our hairs spirits in no time.

One thing to remember with Haze is that a little goes a long way. It comes in a dream bottle to tag along with you no matter where the season takes you and the littlest bit results in body, texture, and a sweet matte finish. We’re certainly in love. Stocking stuffer anyone?