fresh air for city skin

The city of Atlanta is no stranger to pollution. According to Forbes, we come in 14th on the top 25 most polluted cities for year around particle pollution. But did you know that it can all have a negative effect on your skin? Pollution, like the sun's UV rays, can age the skin. Have no fear, though. Our friends at Clarisonic have us covered (again). Pollution is particulate matter, which means that it's tiny – 20 times smaller than a pore kind of tiny. Because of this, it can get trapped in your skin, resulting in hyper pigmentation and deeper facial wrinkling. Clarisonic's Smart Profile combines all of the things we love about Clarisonic plus some pollution fighting super powers. It removes 30 times more pollutants than manual cleansing so that you can say no thanks to all of pollution's negative effects. Smart Profile also introduces head to communication, meaning that it automatically adjusts power and timing to fit your skin's needs.

Smart Profile is a professional exclusive so head over to Amy or Kelly with questions or to grab one for yourself. After all, city skin deserves some fresh air, too.