We Flock Together Giveaway


Meet the Modern Mystic, Kelley Knight! In 2015 Kelley launched an Instagram account as a fun way share her love for all things tarot. Her beautiful images and insightful readings developed a following and Modern Mystic was born!

She's recently opened a shop in Paris on Ponce. There you'll find Kelley in her element, reading cards and charging crystals, as well as a perfectly curated collection of spiritual tools and groovy gifts. Think: candles, sage, lunar calendars and of course tarot cards. If you prefer to shop these goodies from home, she has just launched the online version of her shop.

To celebrate her success, we've teamed up to do a *magical* giveaway.

Prize Package:

A mini crystal kit ($32 value) 30- minute tarot reading ($50 value) Clearing candle ($20) Head to Instagram to enter! Contest will start TONIGHT, Thursday, December 1st and the winner will be chosen Saturday, December 3rd. How to enter/rules: Just comment on our contest post on Instagram Tag a LOCAL ATL friend! (each friend you tag is an extra entry.) Be sure to follow @aviary, @modernmystic_shop and @modernmystic_tarot to be eligible to win!

Fostering our flock | Julie Ann Travis: A modern shaman.


Ready to get grounded and recharge? Allow us to introduce you to Julie Ann Travis. We are such fans of her shamanic energy healing work that we decided to co-host a 3-part series called Space & Beauty.  

Curious to know more? Cool, we thought so.

A: What exactly is a shamanic practitioner?

JT: Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality on the planet, dating back over 40,000 years! A shamanic practitioner is someone with works with spiritual aspects of an illness or imbalance. According to the Siberian Tungus tribe, the word Shaman means: the one who sees in the dark.

A: What are some of the issues clients seek your help with?

JT: Many things! To name a few: Chronic illness (physical, mental, emotional), PTSD, releasing toxic patterns, empowerment, or simply seeking clarity on their life path. Basically, if there is something bothering you, there is a spiritual root cause.

A: Tell us a little bit about what we could expect in a session with you.

JT: All sessions could include one or more of the following:

Illumination: clearing and balancing the chakra

Extraction: removing crystallized or fluid energies from the energy field

Soul Retrieval: recovering essential lost part of one’s soul that have fled during past traumatic events

Destiny Retrieval

Death Rites

Ceremony and Rite of Passage

Space and Land Clearings

A: Tell us about your path to this work.

My path of Shamanic Practitioner began at a very early age; I have known since the age of four that I was brought here to be of service. I share a similar path of many shamans: the wounded healer's journey. Most of my late teens and twenties were full of chronic illness and deep depression. With the help of the beloved Q’ero shamans, I was able to step in and accept my calling to service during a vacation turned spiritual pilgrimage in Peru.

A: And finally, what bird would you be and why?

JT: I’d be a Robin. Since they are always in groups, it reminds me to connect with my local community. They don’t need to migrate and can make their home here year-round. Also, they lay the most gorgeous powder-blue eggs.

Come be part of one or all three of our events with Julie! Get more info here or BOOK the series HERE