from us to you this thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we want to reach out and thank each of you for loving and supporting the Aviary over the past four years. This past year, growth has been a big theme for us. Merriam Webster’s defines growth as “to spring up and develop to maturity.” We, with your help, are able to do just that. And something we’ve enjoyed is the amount of diversity our growth has brought to us. Our clients are fellow business owners, fathers, lawyers, marathon runners, moms who work in the office and those who work in the home, writers, therapists, designers, bartenders, chiropractors, artists, producers, assistants, caretakers, philanthropists, executives, students, farmers, teachers… the list goes on and on. We learn from you every day and you continue to inspire our work. We look forward to continuing to grow in years to come and we hope you’ll continue to be there with us. So Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. We hope you find some cozy time this week. Love, Your friends at Aviary