gameface, a guy's moisturizer

Moisturizer is vital when it comes to skincare, and not just for women. That's why this week we're focusing on Gameface Moisturizer from our favorite New Zealand brand Triumph & Disaster. Men generally have oiler skin and larger pores, making them more susceptible to those outdoor elements than they realize, and Gameface is the perfect, masculine combative. It's made of native New Zealand plant haropito, which serves as an antioxidant, wax ester sourced from Mexico, assuring even oil production, and Ponga Fern, the Maori people's key when it came to healing skin after battle. These powerful ingredients, alongside the essential Vitamin E, make for a moisturizer that serves and protects against any element.

And while it's a moisturizer full of strength, it doesn't weigh skin down. Like any good product, Gameface is simple, light and easily absorbed. Triumph & Disaster even calls it "a guy's moisturizer that's better than the girl's ones," but we're not trying to pick a fight.

triumph & disaster

New Zealand brand Triumph & Disaster is a men's skincare line that churns out products just as powerful as its name (inspired by a Rudyard Kipling poem none the less). Derived with nature but engineered with science, the brand fits the category of a modern day apothecary. They even have the cool packaging to prove it. Triumph & Disaster has a knack for finding ingredients that work, too. Blending local indigenous ingredients with scientifically proven and natural ingredients from everywhere from Polynesia to Australia, they've created a line of men's essentials. Their products range from peppermint scented Ritual Face Cleanser to close shave ensuring Old-Fashioned Shave Cream.

One of our favorite things about Triumph & Disaster is what is behind the brand (besides the handsome faces it's creating worldwide). Dion Nash founded the company on the simple belief that "ritual and preparation are worthy endeavors and that being well groomed is something of which to be proud." It's about time that men get some skincare loving, too.

Come in and snag your favorite essential or set up a facial to try it out. Here's to Triumph & Disaster, what Kipling called "two impostors just the same."