aviary – (ˈā•vē•ˌer•ē), n., pl.-ar•ies

1. A large house or enclosure for birds
2. A warm, welcoming nest from which beauty and wellness take flight
3. An oasis that is more about eco than ego, where the personal is professional and clients are considered friends




At Aviary, you will find impassioned salon and spa professionals who are top-notch in their respective fields. Our staff uses only the highest quality products on the market today, with the purest ingredients. Whether you visit Aviary to receive a hair cut or color, facial, or waxing, your therapist will customize each treatment to address your specific and changing needs.



We have curated a selection of the best and most effective beauty brands from all over the globe. Environmental and human consciousness is important to us so we choose emerging independents as well as companies with close ties to small, sustainable family farms. We aim to represent product lines based on their natural origin and efficacy because ingredients and products that produce results is what is important to our customer.


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